Ashley Ray-Harris
Ashley Ray-Harris is a Chicago-based pop culture expert and freelance writer. Her work looks at the intersection of race, gender, sexuality and modern culture.
10:16 AM

I’m guessing Papa Pope and Mama Pope come back to help take down Cyrus and Jake. Read more

9:34 AM

I still really and truly hope this show ends with David Rosen arresting every single on of the main characters.

9:19 AM

Thank you for sticking with the show to its ridiculous end! It has changed SO MUCH from the first season. I’ve seen every episode and I can’t tell you if we’re supposed to be back on board with Olivia or find her absolute trash. No idea! I know humans contain multitudes but usually you can figure out if someone on a Read more

4:13 AM

I know it’s down to the show barrelling double-speed toward an endgame, but the plot of this season (and the last, in context now) is one of the most insane things that television has ever asked me to believe. It’s hard enough to swallow that Mellie was handed the presidency after losing the election with very little Read more

1:33 AM

Can the special prosecutor PLEASE uncover all of the shit they have done over the course of the show and the final episode ends with all of them in prison?

1:11 AM

I mean, at least they acknowledged the Fitz/Olivia power imbalance but that half-assed conversation kind of pisses me off more than if they’d just played dumb about it. It’s not enough to have Olivia just say “no, you weren’t inappropriate” without any further explanation or introspection. This is a show where Read more

3:51 PM

Wow, not many comments here. I’m just catching up with this and I thought the pilot was solid. Hats off to the young actors on show, very impressive, but Jason Mitchell was just stellar. His scenes at his brother’s funeral were incredible.

11:50 PM

Steven Williams is what holds this series together. The performance he puts in would have been worthy of any season in the wire (preferably the first 2). Seriously, I’ve never seen him this good!

1:27 AM

My mid-2013 13" Air is easily the best laptop I’ve ever owned. In some ways it’s better than many current models (aforementioned mag-safe and nearly perfect keyboard). At the risk of “wanting a faster horse”, all i really want is a processor bump and a retina screen. What I don’t want is paying hundreds more and being Read more

12:25 PM

I am amused by Scandal’s fantasy world where two Republican Presidents are such advocates for racial justice.

10:24 PM

YES. Amazing article. Pegging isn’t the beginning or the end of the world, just another way to enjoy sex and intimacy, for those who do. I think the matter-of-fact tone of this piece and the women interviewed convey that in the best way. That’ll help knock down some of the stigma, hopefully. I’m Ace, myself, but for Read more

7:16 PM

I’m super late to catching up on Black-ish but I have to say (although I totally agree with the pacing of S3 and that this ep would have worked better not as a finale) this episode got me - Anthony Anderson really deserves some more award show love. His performance in this episode was really touching, I definitely Read more

2:16 PM

I would have never expected a President Mellie to be so weak and malleable. So much was established with her being hungry for power, like willing to rig an election and blackmail her rapist, etc. So her just being so easily manipulated feels false and not like the Mellie who drunkenly gave monologues about how she was Read more

7:34 PM

I’m watching like, “is there no acceptable hospital in all of DC where a first Lady can get her breasts examined?” Hell, in all of the world? When they visit the UK, you know the Queen has that bomb ass medical plan.