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2:47 PM

If you don’t think the show has been playing the “Jake is evil when necessary but still clicks with Olivia and loves her” card, you haven’t been paying attention.

Olivia has killed so many people in order to “fix things” since the first season. Olivia’s “fixes” have included killing so many people over the course of Read more

2:45 PM

They did successfully pull off the twist, I did not see Jake’s wife’s death coming or Jake’s turn to super villain. It’s just that it’s a bad twist, plot-wise.

2:44 PM

I hate Mellie and I don’t want Olivia to end up with any of these dudes. Jake can die in a fire with Cyrus for all I care.

2:43 PM

I am hardly a Mellie “Stan”

We’ve seen Olivia murder people time and time again. We also exist in a reality where we have to accept that every presidential office will be forced to kill people to maintain order/the status quo. Huck killed an entire bus of jurors. Olivia murdered someone with a chair. Cyrus is another Read more

2:23 PM

I think there was an additional 5-6 minutes that involved Detective Cruz interviewing Kevin. There are photos on the press site, but it doesn’t happen in the episode. Wonder why it was cut.

12:23 PM

I absolutely agree. It was like they were absolving themselves with that conversation rather than actually engaging with any of the criticism

12:56 PM

Do women give something up by being penetrated? What do I give up when my female partners penetrate me?

11:27 AM

You can share the grade you would’ve given in the comments for now! Also, a writer for The Root has to follow you or star you on that site in order for your comments to get out of the greys.

3:20 PM

I was rooting for the Vermont house to be turned into a mega-prison and they’d all be locked inside forever. Maybe Marcus could leave.

5:49 PM

True. I do hate Jake and have definitely expressed that in past discussion posts (especially during the never-ending flashback season). It gets tiresome talking about the ways these people are awful.

Also, I’ve hated Mellie pretty much since the beginning of the show. Mellie teaming up with Liv seemed like the only way Read more

1:18 PM

Remember when Fitz dropped his pants for an intern and then B613 had to kill her? I’m glad you think it’s ok to slut-shame a woman you think is a “bish,” but I don’t think she deserves that from a man who is cheating on his alcoholic wife with no remorse.

8:07 AM

I also like that Olivia was all, “It’s too hard for me to shutdown B613, I can’t do that”....after spending most of the show trying to shutdown B613 and actually doing it. Like, she and Jake have only done one mission, calm down Liv.

8:05 AM

Yeah, Fitz built the house and then Olivia was like “NO! I can’t be tied down!” so she never moved there.

8:04 AM

I complimented Fitz! Until this point, Jake has always had a “I’m horrible, but it’s because the ends justify the means and I’m doing this for Olivia” caveat. Ever since they gave him his amazing drunk wife though, they’ve just had him be an over-the-top villain for no reason. We already hate Jake, we don’t need him Read more

11:43 AM

The Chi’s focus seems to be the south side of Chicago, not the lives of men.

1:10 PM

I guess as a woman who was raised on the south side, I think the lack of character development around the female characters is an issue for the show’s storytelling and narrative. I’d hardly call it just a “lack of Black girl magic” when female characters are only there as auxiliary support for male characters. Also, Read more