Ari Notis
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Oct 23

Buddy of mine did our first Nightmare Story mode last night, sadly he went down once so we didn’t get that Feat unlock, but I have some tips from our specific play through as newbies to that tier. We ran his assasin and my ronin.

Group vanish is king. Hallucination darts are incredibly handy at making short work of an Read more

Oct 14

i like him so far because everybody wants to use him and nobody knows how to use him so he’s a free win online

Oct 13

Vesperia is the best in the series and a killer JRPG in general, so I hope those with Game Pass give it a go. The cast really make the difference, being a mostly mature adult cast, so no growing pains and puberty crap. Read more

Oct 13

I’m assuming that you can still send your pet off to town to sell the stuff its holding, like in previous games.  I wonder if they will patch in an option to send your pet to the Luck tree instead.

Oct 8

My friend’s been really struggling with the game and hasn’t beaten the final boss yet, though he has reached him a few times. He’s been able to unlock the hidden aspects regardless. So, can confirm: you just need to see the final boss to unlock them.

Oct 7

Some people like to trade in old systems to save money on the new ones, also since this next gen seems to be doing much more back-compatibility people are seeing it as “i dont need my xbox one or ps4 anymore because the series x and ps5 are going to be compatible with the xbone and ps4 games anyway, so no need to keep Read more

Oct 1

I would also like to add that the ways Extreme Measures changes the boss fights is also just a fun change of pace instead of fighting the same bosses for the 30th+ time (though I haven’t tried it with the 4th boss yet). It also gives some amusing dialogue about the 3rd boss when you talk to Achilles.

Sep 28

According to IGN, of that 1TB, you’ll really only have 800 gigabytes to work with. The outstanding 20 percent is partitioned off to save space for the console’s operating system and other files.
Read more

Sep 22

Can’t forget that absolutely gargantuan life-changing Quality-of-Life update that Nintendo released in May…

Sep 22

Far and away my biggest tip is a direct contradiction to this: Stubborn Defiance is great for mid-game, terrible for end game. As soon as you can afford 3 stacks of Death Defiance, use that. Once you’re comfortable with the game it’s really only Hades and maybe Theseus getting in a cheap shot that you’ve really gotta Read more

Sep 11

Haven’t bought it yet, but I’m excited to play it on Switch. All they need to do now is bring Pyre to Switch as well.

Sep 11

I had the exact same thought when I saw him try to lift it in the game. it would make more sense for him to lift it up, spin it around a couple of times and then put it back down.

Sep 11

Thing is, if this is a legit Easter Egg/reference to those scenes in the MCU, then it doesn’t make sense for Cap to only be able to wiggle the hammer a little bit in Thor’s room in the game. We know from an AMA from the Russo brothers that Cap was always considered worthy and could have lifted the hammer in the Age of Read more