Ari Notis
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Aug 4

Turning on the Puzzle Solver will remove the puzzle-solving coin bonus from winning battles. On the one hand, that money adds up over time. On the other hand, the game showers you with coins in the last several acts, so it’s probably worth turning on if you want the battles to be as quick as possible.

Jul 27

Not really, I like EDM but have some self awareness about it. 

Jul 27

It feels like the camera doesn’t do you any favors when it swings to enemies and there’s foliage in the foreground obscuring the attack. That’s part of the reason I gave up on the Sakai armor and went hunting for the Gosaku armor instead.

Jul 23

Totally agree. Everything about the demo was pressing the nostalgia button in my brain. I loved it. Plus local co-op hell yeah. Now all they need to do is say that multiplayer isn’t class based and goes back to the days of having to pick up weapons on the map. 

Jul 22

And remember to mask during your combat. I know you want to kill them, but you don’t want to spread coronavirus.

Jul 20

There’s a neat little side quest where bandits have stolen an old ladies food. I don’t know if there’s a “right” way to do this quest but I was a little salty after I finished it! You’ll know the one if you ran into her. 

Jul 14

It was a joke. An extremely dry one, as is Ari’s way. Let’s support him in these tough times.

Jul 13

First, they came for the people who misuse ‘First they came...’ by Martin Niemoller, and I did not speak out because I was not a person who misused ‘First they came...’ by Martin Niemoller.

Jul 10

I am very excited about both this and their other upcoming game! the also made Vampyr right? That was a bit rough but I also really enjoyed that. A dev I really like / trust. 

Jul 10

As the article talks about though, it is potentially portrayed as a figment of the character’s imagination or, in the case of the mind palace, a visual gimmick - not necessarily that The Double Mind Palace actually exist. Dontnod’s statement that the logic, motivations, etc of the story are real also adds to the Read more

Jul 9

You know what, that’s my bad; I thought you had written another article I’m thinking of and I just jumped to a conclusion :/ Sorry about that!

Jul 9

The build-up to the Rat King was fantastic, no other part of the game got my heart rate up like that stretch between turning the power on and seeing the massive bloody and terrifyingly empty hole it left behind. But like you said, the boss fight itself was so lack luster. Not being able to dodge around it meant you Read more