Ari Notis
Staff Writer, Kotaku
3:52 PM

On nit pics: What happend to using the L button to Default? Why’d that get removed? And Bravely Second, despite being the inferior game, made it super easy to Brave the same move. This feels like a step back of both games in regards to UI/UX.

I really wish the first two games were ported to the Switch. I’m not a Read more

9:04 AM

Oh, that explains it. My brother and I were playing over the weekend and fought Gravemind on Mayham 4. And the adds were dropping legendaries left and right. To the point that there was just a pool of orange on the minimap. Read more

5:27 PM

Tree Branches are infinite, you can just keep shaking the same tree and eventually more will come out, unless there is no place for them to drop, in which case you can pick up the ones you have and keep shaking for more.

Fruit trees take 3 days to regrow their fruit. I know this might seem obvious but I know a lot of Read more

5:09 PM

You can hold “A” while in your inventory to sort items! That was a big one for me. Read more

5:05 PM

I’ve found that this is the ultimate Podcast game. For some reason I tend to only listen to podcasts when playing console games rather than handheld ones, and even though I enjoy the calming music, listening to a podcast while playing the game has been really nice. The game is engaging enough to keep you busy but not Read more

3:18 PM

Try not to act overly evasive -- stick to the middle ground like white on rice, and keep double tapping with the super shotgun.

3:06 PM

You forgot about frag grenades. Toss to the side, then fire weapon to get him to raise his shield. That coupled with rocket shots onto terrain just behind him were the most consistent especially when the enemies are ramped up.

7:21 AM

Pretty much. Not including cosmetics/secrets like the figurines, classic maps, cheats, etc, when compared they’re not far off.

2016 had:
-Weapon upgrades + currency
-Weapon mastery challenges
-Suit upgrades + currency
-Stat upgrades + currency
-Rune upgrades
-Rune capacity upgrades

Eternal has:
-Weapon upgrades+currency
-Weapon Read more

5:13 AM

I’d also recommend upgrading your ammo capacity ASAP. On Nightmare difficulty, running out of ammo is the biggest cause of death. Enemies are pretty tanky and do a ton of damage so you need to clear them as quickly as possible. That’s hard to do when you don’t have any ammo for the optimal weapons.

10:13 PM

Also: don’t be stingy with using your flamethrower or chainsaw, there’s plenty of ammo for them everywhere, and they will save your but if you’re down on ammo or health. You’re supposed to frequently use them.

5:44 PM

My wife, our son, and I each have our own copy of the game. When we started today, we wanted to make sure we each had a different starting fruit. My wife got to her island first (just barely!) and got oranges. She was pleased with this result. Moments later, the camera pans over my own island... oranges. With an Read more

3:34 PM

Xbox Game Pass is an amazing deal for anyone on the fence, even those who game on PC rather than Xbox. The selection is fantastic on both platforms, ranging from Xbox exclusives (Forza Horizon is my personal fav) to AAA greats (Yakuza 0! Monster Hunter! FFXV! KH3!) to indies (so many all-time greats!) to classic games Read more

3:11 PM

There are also free monthly games offered through Twitch Prime. If you check things like battle royales or PVE games like Dauntless, there are additional free goodies.

3:07 PM

Square Enix is giving away the following for free (add to cart, checkout and receive steam keys) Read more

9:33 AM

There’s no reason to get pricey wipes. Just use cheap as dirt alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, which was one of the options mentioned. You’re now more likely to find the liquid bottles of alcohol on store shelves than any cleaning wipe.

8:23 PM

Something I learned the hard way, lysol wipes can mess with the finish on some things. I used to use them on my 3DS to clean/disinfect after my young kids would use it for extended periods. After awhile I realized the design/finish on the back was chipping off. At least it was still usable, but it never looked as cool Read more