Ari Notis
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Jul 8

Bingo. And sometimes games just randomly come back. For instance, Cities: Skylines, the best game, left in March only to get re-added in May. Read more

Jul 7

You won’t walk away feeling despondent about humanity. But there’s just a whole lot of needless plot-device death, including of children. It also takes itself soooo seriously. The main character, Aiden, is some extremely boring modern, cut-rate, techno-noir Batman figure whose only redeeming quality is a really, Read more

Jun 30

Yeah, I think a big asterisk for why she’s so good is her novelty. Once we get a collective understanding of her quirks and intricacies, maybe she’ll come down to earth a bit. But who knows!

Jun 24

THEY’RE TERRIFYING! It’s like watching Age of Ultron through a funhouse mirror.

Jun 23

“Tense” is right. I’m less sure if “good” is, only because it’s such a matter of taste. A ton of game devs/publishers throw this word around, but stealth in TLOU2 is truly dynamic. There’s no stealth meter or red arrows overhead. You won’t, like, hear some audio cue and see all the NPCs go “!!!” You kind of just... Read more

Jun 22

Pulling you out of the grays just to tell you how wrong you are.

Jun 20

Ah, I should’ve clarified: can’t use bricks the same way Joel could in the first game, as a basically guaranteed melee kill.

Jun 19

I need to take a break from this game for a couple days, which is hopefully understandable haha, but am planning on starting a second playthrough this weekend on Hard+. (The NG+ difficulties are all a tad more tough than their vanilla variants.) We’ll likely update this post next week with details about that and some Read more

Jun 19

Ellie can’t use shivs—or bricks, easily the best weapons from the first game.

But her knife won’t break. Small consolation?

Jun 17

I’m replying to this not to weigh in but to bump this chain to the top of the comments section. Readers, if you’re at all interested in the moral complexities of TLOU, give this tete-a-tete a read! Good stuff.

Jun 16

Oh, whoops! Thanks for flagging. That is...completely my bad. The article is now updated (and I am now marginally more excited about putting this thing on my TV stand).