Ari Notis
Staff Writer, Kotaku
4:34 PM

Job levels cap at 7 and character levels go up to 20, I believe... And yeah, those wasps are no fun at all. They’re almost as bad as Animal Crossing wasps.


5:42 PM

Holy cow, everything you’ve laid out here is genius. Thanks a million for sharing. Readers, don’t miss this comment!

5:07 PM

You’ll have to ask Nintendo, but I like to think that she’s glancing at her phone, drafting a text to the group chat about how ding dang fun video games are!

12:56 PM

This is another great non-recommendation! I’m now pulling Dishonored 2 off my backlog immediately.

5:10 PM

I’m with you on the launch PS4 thing, though I haven’t upgraded my storage... Compared to my 500GB drive—which only ever seems like it can hold 300 GB at any given moment?—a full terabyte sounds heavenly. A 4TB console? Well, I’d be happy for the rest of my days (or until Halo 9 clocks in at 6,000 gigs...)

5:33 PM

I can’t say for sure! I think it depends on a multitude of factors, including your TV, your sound system (if you have one), etc. For me, Boost was better than Midnight. But Midnight’s fantastic for playing around, well, midnight, when my roommates would get ticked off by piercing sounds and turn my apartment into an Read more

11:13 AM

Ugh, yeah, that level was doozy. I’m so sorry to report, but this one has a few like that, too. For the most part, they’ve been a bit more forgiving than that infuriating flooding water one you’re talking about. But I haven’t beaten the game yet, so watch me print out and eat these words in a level or two!

10:08 AM

Bingo. There are a couple of difficulty spikes in this game, and restarting after you’ve gauged the first one is a relatively small time commitment. Play games however they work best for you!

3:19 PM

At the risk of sounding like a corporate stooge... Not all games on these services are time-limited! (The frustrating thing is that Microsoft doesn’t announce end dates from the get-go, so when games leave, it’s a bit of a surprise. Sony, on the other hand, provides months of lead time.) And even when games time-out, Read more

5:17 PM

Well, food/drink in Manhattan tends to be more expensive than the rest of the city. And, short of a few tourist traps, the other boroughs truly have a lot more to offer as far asOh you mean the game!!

If you’re level 30 or higher—and at World Tier 5, as you are—you should be a-okay. Regardless, as detailed in the Read more

6:06 PM

Lol whoops! Great catch, and thanks for pointing out. Post has been updated.

2:06 PM

Yup, Faeria is also free this week. (Haven’t yet played it, though, so I can’t testify to its quality.)