Apr 26 2016

I dunno. Presumably the kid will be raised in the same environment with the same values as her and her husband, and they are both fine with it. We can’t project anything onto what the kid is gonna think. We can assume he will have some of his parents values which at this point appear to be: Read more

Apr 25 2016

And I have starred it both times. Karen Walker is who I want to be when I grow up.

Mar 24 2016

I’ve seen traveling Amish people in McDonald’s. People gotta eat. People who generally do manual labor need that many more calories. Despite what the farmer’s market would have you believe, many Amish and mennonites don’t eat very healthily when it comes to sugar, saturated fat, salt, red meat, and that sort of thing. Read more

Dec 18 2015

I want to kiss the Founding Fathers for putting in the “checks and balances” when they formed this government.

Oct 13 2015

‘A perfectly reasonable product next to a dangerous and heinous one,” thinks both political parties.

Oct 8 2015

I’m really curious to find out why the gawker site has kept the graphic screenshots of this on their website all day, and people have been complaining about it all day without any response from Gawker staff, while Jezebel does (what I personally feel is the) correct thing and chooses not to post the pictures at all. Read more

Oct 8 2015

I don’t know enough about the commenting on the main blogs to be aware of any issues around the greying - but man, this image. What the hell were they thinking? Read more

Oct 1 2015

“We need to keep in mind that with any new concept and any new idea, there’s always going to be some fear and some concern.” Read more

Jul 17 2015

This is like when one of your friends on Facebook airs out their family drama, and then every member of said family feels the need to chime in with their opinion in the comments.

Jul 16 2015

You are reader and a writer and a collector and smell books during sex but you also like screaming really loudly during sex just to make everyone sex more?

Jul 9 2015

Boom! A hard-hitting question, yes, but one that needs to be asked. ;=)

Jun 29 2015

AND, when people are concerned about pedophiles and sexual deviants in the ladies bathroom they seem to conveniently forget that (gasp) women can be both of those things. Segregating bathrooms does not provide magical protection from crime. That said I’d love to see some actual figures on crime in public restrooms, I Read more