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“Jean had to be exceptional. The DA had to be exceptional (and let’s be clear, statistically, pursuing a murder charge against a cop in the first place is exceptional).” Read more

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If all the kids in the campaign had messy hair, then this isn’t a controversy. I’m not going to do the research to determine if that’s the case, though. I don’t care enough. Read more

11:33 AM

Wow, how racist do you have to be to be considered too racist even for the Daily Mail?
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2:10 PM

Betting he self-filed in civil court. No lawyer needed. For his county that’s ten minutes of paperwork and a small fee; in his case, looks like he probably paid $28. Read more

5:36 PM

“Gratuitous displays of the old flag express a desire for black people to be relegated to labor reserves, a pining for the killing, the torture, the abductions, a melancholia for the discrimination, the death squads, the curfews and the horrific atrocities committed under the flag,” the organization said. Read more

2:35 PM

Just for a little context Chabot Elementary serves Rockridge & Claremont neighbourhoods where 3 Bed 2 bath house will run you $1.5 - $2.5 million. It’s Oakland but it ain’t Oakland. I don’t know the school’s demos but it seems an odd choice to throw a noose on.

But who knows what goes through a racists’ head.

9:24 AM

Sickening, but not surprising. As someone born and raised in Staten Island I can tell you it’s very conservative, very pro-cop and very VERY fucking white. In fact, soooo many cops and ex cops live there, it’s pretty much a known fact that Pantaleo wasn’t prosecuted by the Staten Island DA at the time, Dan Donovan, Read more

12:41 PM

He actually says something really intelligent in the art of comedy that not many people don’t see: you have to workshop your stuff over and over before you nail a joke and a whole set. Comedy IS definitely about working things out in order to get a laugh from an audience. Read more

2:52 PM

Thank you for writing this! I was just yesterday listening to an episode of Revisionist History where Malcom Gladwell (it’s about a third of the way through the episode) talks to Cherrod Baines (sp?) who worked on both of the Justice Department reports. The entire episode is worth a listen, but the Ferguson stuff

9:19 AM

And, this was me when I saw “Distraction Becky.”

4:56 PM

Something I wish would happen every time Fucker Carlson says something stupid, that those who respond to him also list all the advertisers who supported his show that day. Add the tagline “This hate speech brought to you by Nestle, because we really don’t care.” Read more

4:20 PM

As a former government worker, I can say I never, not once, considered working for border patrol for these reasons. When I was making a list of the agencies I would aim to join they never made the list. This department encourages its agents to treat people poorly. It is expected and if you don’t, you won’t last very Read more

6:35 PM

But I do wonder, why it is Davis’ tears are considered so remarkable? And I do find it impossible to listen to stories like hers without thinking of the generations upon generations of people of color—black and Native people in particular—who have said the very same things and begged this country, just once, to Read more

4:12 PM

“We care about Jesus Christ” scream those who laugh at dead migrant children.

4:51 PM

Internships where? That’s a pretty vague statement to make. Are they going to get internships at places where their interests lie? Are they going to be offered internships in music or a media company? That’s not helpful to everyone. Read more

3:06 PM

She’s awesome. As a trans friend pointed out to me, if a cis straight male finds himself attracted to a trans woman whom they didn’t realize was trans... it just means they’re attracted to women (and not that they’re somehow being tricked into doing something gay, which seems to be the fear and cause of anger, however Read more

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This is super common here in Canada with Indigenous people starting to get settlements and more land rights. A lot of white people are suddenly discovering one Indigenous ancestor and claiming to be Métis and joining new Métis nations. The people who have always been Métis, who had their land taken, were given new Read more