Anne Branigin
Staff writer, The Root.
Jul 15

I signed a petition about this last night, and plan to call and email the judge’s clerks and the school board members today. As a special education teacher, I found it especially horrifying how none of Grace’s teachers advocated for her. One of them was supposed to attend her hearing, but had to leave the Read more

Jul 10

We can begin by thinking about Black wealth and Black prosperity in terms of extractors—systems or enterprises drawing money out of the Black community—and investment, as scholar and writer Andre Perry advises. But it also requires questioning the philosophies that lay the foundation for how federal, state, and local Read more

Jun 26

There’s a line from Chappelle’s most recent special where he says “how can you kneel on a man’s neck for 8:46 and not think you’ll feel the wrath of God.” Read more

Jun 23

Far as I know, this is the first year that mail-in ballots have been available in Kentucky without requiring an applicant to show cause as to why they can’t vote in personactual absence from your county on the day of election, disability/age, things like that—so there’s just no way KY issued anywhere close to 850,000 Read more

Jun 22

Effin Turtle Man and his ilk. If they can’t win legitimately, they will lie, cheat and steal to keep power. 

Jun 19

I just remembered an emergency services precedent from my work history that is a bit informative on this topic. Fire departments have been facing an employment-justification crunch because fire codes and human behavior (esp. smoking, esp. around bed time) have lowered the frequency at which they’re needed (and Read more

Jun 11

I have been putting on makeup for my weekly WebEx meetings because I have to find some reason to beat my face I have nowhere else to be.

Jun 4

Tom Cotton is a sitting US Senator. He can espouse this view from any podium in the US Capitol, or from his office. His position affords him whatever publicity he desires. The NYT was not needed to ensure his views were heard.

Jun 2

For non-Kentuckians, the KSP is one step short of the FBI. They have state-wide authority and real tech behind them. It’s necessary b/c so many of our counties are dirt-poor. They don’t play with local b.s. good-old-boy crap (which, IME, exists everywhere). Read more

May 30

With a lot of experience at 0 or negative spoons, I’ve got an addendum to the theory. When you’re in spoon debt, you *will* have a coping mechanism. Not expecting this can leave you feeling trapped, not in control of your actions, and unable to stop because it’s adding stress instead of addressing the original spoon Read more

May 29

I have fibromyalgia and ME and Spoon Theory has been the easiest way for me to explain to others how and why my body work the way it does. One of my daughters has depression, and she started using the phrase “I’ve only got a couple spoons left, what do I use them on?” as she makes decisions about her day. Read more

May 5

I remember Biden’s letter to the Chanel Miller, the Stanford rape survivor. She met the empty and unreasonable standards of courts set out for ‘perfect’ victims - in that she had literal Scandinavian, male heroic witnesses, rape kit, did the things you’re supposed to do, enjoyed privileges that usually curry favour Read more

Apr 7

Also a MKE resident. This whole thing is pure t bullshit. I did the right thing, applied for the absentee ballot before the deadline, and I never got mine in the mail. My only recourse is to trek over to Washington High School and wait around every other person in line at the same time. My wife works in a hospital, Read more

Apr 7

As a Milwaukee county resident I can say that we are pissed. This is insane. 180 polling places in Milwaukee normally, down to 5 now! This is the most repulsive shit I've ever seen the GOP do and Vos and Fitzgerald better prepare for all the shit they're going to take for the remainder of their terms.

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Apr 6

Well, thank you for your expert opinion, person who walks past black people.

Apr 3

Babyface also needs EXTREME credit for giving me Take A Bow by Madonna. He made that woman sound like she can keep a melody and harmonize. It’s magical. Read more