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3:22 PM

Thomas went to a Detroit Chase branch, where he opened an account and successfully deposited his settlement checks

12:34 PM

When I got my first big promotion, only one coworker threw a fit about it. He was in his mid-50s and didn’t understand why a woman half his age was being promoted, when he hadn’t had a raise in ages. When I mentioned this to my boss, she asked me how many trainings he had attended; how many times he filled in for Read more

10:58 AM

Maybe, just maybe, the judge is asking that question to get a sense of whether or not a juror is a reasonable individual.

5:13 PM

The problem with having to roast Katie is that she’s too damn nice and good to come up with something to roast her about, aside from her completely incorrect ranking of fruits. Clementines as #1? Hm. Read more

1:23 PM

That is one of the most powerful pieces of art I have seen in some times, it really hit me. I feel too sad to thanks for sharing, but thank you. 

11:32 AM

CPS teachers are fucking heroes. It is beyond clear by what they’re specifically asking for that they are doing this for their students, not for themselves. Yes they’re asking for pay raises, but those were already on the table and public school teachers are drastically underpaid everywhere in this country anyways. Read more

11:14 AM

I am a CPS parent and I say, give them what they want. I would go further and cap charter school growth (which I believe they did in LA) - they perpetuate the segregation and they take public funds while not being held accountable to the public for results or proper spending. Rahm’s expansion of UNO charters, CPS Read more

3:24 PM

“Jean had to be exceptional. The DA had to be exceptional (and let’s be clear, statistically, pursuing a murder charge against a cop in the first place is exceptional).” Read more

7:48 PM

If all the kids in the campaign had messy hair, then this isn’t a controversy. I’m not going to do the research to determine if that’s the case, though. I don’t care enough. Read more

11:33 AM

Wow, how racist do you have to be to be considered too racist even for the Daily Mail?
Read more

2:10 PM

Betting he self-filed in civil court. No lawyer needed. For his county that’s ten minutes of paperwork and a small fee; in his case, looks like he probably paid $28. Read more

5:36 PM

“Gratuitous displays of the old flag express a desire for black people to be relegated to labor reserves, a pining for the killing, the torture, the abductions, a melancholia for the discrimination, the death squads, the curfews and the horrific atrocities committed under the flag,” the organization said. Read more