Anne Branigin
Staff writer, The Root.
Nov 10

Not my story so it’s not my place to give too much away, but someone else at The Root has been working on a reported piece about this very rift. So I suppose we’ll both soon see!

Nov 10

I think folks do and will continue to have differing expectations and aims when it comes to tackling the problem of racist policing and lack of gov’t accountability. That, I expect (along with non-Black folks losing their enthusiasm for the movement when the cases are not so cut-and-dry as George Floyd or Breonna Read more

Nov 3

Ack, that’s a great point and you’re absolutely right. Just fixed it to avoid confusion—thanks!

Jul 23

There’s a not small subset of folks who believe dressing a certain way speaks to discipline and inspires increased self-esteem. There’s also the importance of establishing a shared identity, which is the primary function of any uniform. Read more

Jun 25

There’s a line from Dave Chappelle’s acceptance speech* for the Mark Twain Prize for Humor that’s stuck with me since hearing it, and which comes to mind right in this moment: “sometimes you have to be a lion so you can be the lamb you really are.” Read more

Jun 12

An Ifugao vest (the Ifugao are a tribe in the Ilocos region of the Philippines) by Vintagallery—I adore it! It was def. a splurge item for me, but it’s also felt really good to buy products more intentionally in the past few months.

Apr 22

To be fair, there is a lot of room between “flailing around for attention” and people being completely tuned out to what you’ve been saying for the last 3 weeks (especially when you have actually been talking/pushing an agenda)

Apr 7

It was enough of a question that multiple outlets reported on it and it was a trending news topic—Biden went two weeks without giving a major interview. (I’d add that state officials and congressional reps like Ayanna Pressley have been much more visible in the last few weeks than Biden has. Another factor here is, gen Read more

Apr 7

You’re talking to a Filipino American. Which means not only do I know people who have been personally attacked, my friends, family members, honorary titas and titos have been disproportionately affected by the virus itself (as health care workers, mostly, but we’re also overrepresented in the cruise ship industry and Read more

Apr 6

Interestingly, Jezebel has done pieces about anti-Asian racism, including one by the writer of this article. Curious why you’re framing it as an either/or situation when you can clearly find those articles at this site. Read more

Dec 19

don’t mistake trustees/the board of governors for professors (or, hell, even students*). they’re essentially political appointees

Dec 12

Good point—and noted. (Though I agree with others that this hostility hasn’t been limited to just Jews)

Dec 11

It’s definitely to help the court assess whether the juror is a “good fit”for the trial (remembering that prosecutors and defense attorneys have their say), though I’m skeptical of where the judge lands on what a “reasonable” or unbiased answer is to this question

Nov 7 2019

Anybody talking about “likability” in the context of an actual white supremacist can log right off, personally

Nov 5 2019

Katie did you put a car in your avatar just to convince us you might be good at driving?