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11:45 AM

Anybody talking about “likability” in the context of an actual white supremacist can log right off, personally

4:30 PM

Katie did you put a car in your avatar just to convince us you might be good at driving?

3:02 PM

I think that’s a really great point. And one thing I wish I could have, and should have, made more clear is delineating a personal act of forgiveness vs the spectacle of it. I don’t know if Brandt intended for it to be a spectacle, but because it was filmed, because it was such a high profile case, and because the Read more

6:49 PM

for those interested in how the judge could possibly make this decision (basically, self-defense laws carry everything but the kitchen sink with them):

12:32 PM

I have my issues with and concerns about Obama’s record, certainly. But if the point is comparison (and I think that *is* the point, to both of these men in this instance), then it’s pretty clear who has the high ground—and worthwhile to point out how low the bar is for Trump, so his behavior isn’t normalized.

6:21 PM

I think the question of *who* gets reparations is an interesting one, though from a policy perspective I’m not sure if we’re there yet. There’s first the question of what form reparations could or ought to take. Read more

10:47 AM

They’re generally more optimistic—except for Asian Americans. This updated headline felt more accurate, and truer to some of the ways black millennials are different from their peer group

2:25 PM

Saying that people are doing reconnaissance to determine whether he’s racist is simplistic. You can be racist without identifying with a specific ideology like neo-Nazism or white nationalism. This is about figuring out exactly who he is, what he believed in, what he’s done before, what he’s said before (and what Read more

4:49 PM

I guess the difference between you and I is that I don’t think “white nationalist” is a softer term at all, particularly if you know anything about what the phrase means. A “nationalist” is a different thing—and any story we do about someone trying to gaslight white nationalism by removing the “white” ought to be Read more

10:50 AM

I don’t think it’s acquiescing at all: white nationalism falls under both racist and white supremacist ideology. It’s a specific set of beliefs and core issues (another example: Neo Confederates, who are also racists and white supremacists, also has a specific set of core issues). Read more