Anna Merlan
Anna Merlan was a Senior Reporter at G/O Media until September 2019. She's the author of Republic of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and Their Surprising Rise to Power.

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Aug 16

The 4chan poster was pretty clearly someone who worked in either emergency medicine or at a hospital; the details they were providing were about the steps emergency personnel took to try to revive Epstein. So it wasn’t a fake story, but it also wasn’t a poster accurately predicting his death before it occurred. It was Read more

Aug 6

Stay tuned for part two, which he’s writing and which gets into the nuts and bolts of how he’s learned to make it more consistently fun. Though, you’re not wrong -- it’s just not a situation that’s gonna be 100% comfortable or pleasant all the time.

Aug 6

This is a really interesting question. I don’t think destigmatizing really works like that, unfortunately. Professional vanlifers destigmatize their own experience by tricking out their vans in the trappings of middle class, Pinterest-flavored prosperity — white countertops, succulents, Pendleton blankets, twinkly Read more

Aug 6

Please, please, please tell us how they came to target-practice the cow.

May 10 2019

I’m sad to say that not only did I go to journalism school, I guest-taught a class yesterday : (

Apr 22 2019

I mean I did just hang out with her the other night, but it could’ve all been an elaborate hologram. Read more

Apr 22 2019

I did ask, just out of general curiosity, if Beights is a baseball fan. Turns out he is! 

Apr 5 2019

I’m not better than anybody (except Nazi types) and I love talking to everyone about what they think and why they think it. It’s the great privilege of my job and my life. Also I walk away or hang up if they get verbally abusive with me, which has only happened literally a couple times in close to a decade of doing Read more

Apr 5 2019

It was a pic of an actual staffer’s kid taken at a school crafts day, I think. Her sister did it as a joke. I talked to someone at Comet about it and wrote about how they feel about seeing that photo twisted in such hideous ways. 

Apr 5 2019

I’m gonna be real with you: I’m surprised at how well this went for both of us, ultimately.

Apr 5 2019

My friend, this is a book excerpt. Earlier in the book we learn that Angel is from Atlantic City. Thank you for your attention to detail and passion re: geography. 

Jan 29 2019

We received an email from a parent who says their child attends the early childhood center where Ms. Goodson was a teacher. The school community has created a GoFundMe to set up an education fund for Rhylee, Ms. Goodson’s daughter: Read more