Angela N. Holton
Angela N. Holton is a coach, speaker, author, and founder of Love Sanctuary. She is the author and co-author of multiple books and blogger for Huff Post. Angela coaches clients around the world.
11:06 PM

I understand this completely. Holidays can spark many memories for us, some good and some painful. The best we can do is to honor them and celebrate, or not, the holidays in our own way. I hope each Halloween you experience some peace in memory of your grandfather. Thank you for sharing.

8:12 PM

Way to go Sister Carrie! We can create so many opportunities to feel badly about ourselves. Why not choose to feel good!?!

2:47 PM

Hello Tipsy, I hope that you agreed to get the mani-pedi. You deserve that amount of self-care and then some. This coming week’s message is all about giving more to ourselves and not considering it selfishness, but rather self-preservation. Stay tuned. This holiday season, I hope that you take a little more time and Read more

2:15 PM

Thank you Latoya. Doesn’t sound corny at all. Quite relatable actually. In truth, as you mentioned, the only validation we need is self-validation. So, kudos to you also. Keep up the great work in loving yourself.