Dec 18

I have never felt the need to spit but I have felt the need to say, have a bowel movement and I’ve still never done it on the sidewalk.

Aug 20

I agree with a lot of this take, but how many fucking times does a dude have to be told “we’re just friends” before they learn about how to actually pursue a woman? These nice guy types try to leverage everything but their own actual attractive qualities to trick women into getting into an intimate situation with Read more

Dec 24 2019

It’s really fun. However as it’s a team based game it gets really frustrating later on when you get ranked on team performance, and you can’t communicate with your team. Oh, and there is often lag issues, or straight up cheating, but apart from that, i spent about 150 hours with it and loved it. I’d not be surprised Read more

Jun 7 2019

Fully agree. It’s insane that the most dangerous thing we do every day requires a bit of training at 16 with no continuing education after that.

Nov 13 2018

Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t cared too much about the increased complexity as the series has evolved. EV training, breeding, held items, nature’s... i like keeping it simple. Even if it means the game will be easy in this case, I’m still down for it.

Mar 9 2018

Guns aren’t the problem. A society that thinks it’s perfectly fine to shoot away their problems is the problem.

Sep 4 2017

I honestly do not understand how drinking acid is helping with your acid reflux, especially acid that reeks of rotten apples.

Aug 26 2017

nope. her ult automatically ends the CD on resurrect. you get three uses by popping res right before ulting, and up to two more during Valkyrie

Nov 20 2015

Start with a pickle, work you way up to a cucumber, got it.

Feb 12 2015

As someone who sort of grew up during the initial anime fad in the West, I was kind of lucky. I was exposed to things like Lupin III, Record of Lodoss War, Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop as a kid. And I used to like anime. I watched a ton of it. Read more

Jan 26 2015

Some people just want to do an activity without joining a club about it. A lot of people playing Monopoly aren't interested in becoming Board Game People, they just want to play Monopoly. And who can blame them, since becoming hardcore hobbyists would only expose them to more imperious decrees from the likes of you Read more

Jan 22 2015

Well, I see a lot of people complaining with bloatware and so on, FFS, it's not MS fault your crappy 400$ laptop comes full of crapware installed, just go to cp and uninstall it, it doesn't take 6 hours, on an average laptop, should take around 30 mins to clean it all out, someone who says 6 hours, it's clearly one Read more