Andy Hutchins
May 21 2014

Oh Tim, you're so naive. The Cavs, LeBron's former team, got the 1st pick. The Heat, Lebron's current team, got the 26th pick. 1-26? Do I have to spell it out for you? It's the number of letters in the alphabet. Now, let's break down that word, "alphabet." Al, a popular name. Pha, a phonetic spelling of a Read more

Oct 5 2013

Sean, the line "Each president's response was the same: there wasn't one." is pretty damn misleading.

Oct 3 2013

These smaller cuts, in conjunction with the larger layoffs in May, June, and July, are really indicative of something larger going on at ESPN. That's what so interesting about all of this. Under John Skipper, the network way over extended itself, financially, on rights and on 'stunts' like hiring KO back to 'fight' Read more

Aug 11 2013

Who's next to join the Kiss My Ass club?

Aug 10 2013

It's a vast improvement over their first draft.

Aug 10 2013

We let Canadians have drivers licenses? What the fuck? Soon they'll be committing voter fraud en masse and robbing our public safety net of the resources meant for hard working Americans, not weird looking Canadians!

Aug 6 2013

These colors don't run, unlike soccer players, who are always running and in top physical shape

Aug 4 2013

People have a tendency to swing back and forth between extremes. One crow moving a ball is no big deal. But sure as shootin', if a group of crows was involved people would be calling it a murder.

Aug 3 2013

Are we positive that the guy isn't shouting "Leroy Jenkins?"

Aug 3 2013

This is deplorably immature. +1

Aug 1 2013

A lot of white guys in Philly making asses of themselves around black dudes these days.

Jul 30 2013

This has got to make the 'Top 100 Jonathan Villar Plays of All Time' list.

Jul 28 2013

Why did he delete his tweet to Finebaum?

Jul 28 2013

Definitely Jetes. It fit's his name of (Jete)r much better. I feel like Geets fit's phonetically what the intended pronunciation is best though.

Jul 28 2013

And yet you still commented on this story? The whole MLS is boring angle is passe.

Jul 28 2013

"You can skip ahead to 4:12 in these highlights..." Read more

Jul 27 2013

He was emulating Aaron Rodgers, who made a very exaggerated slide in the 2005 draft.