Andrew S.
Jul 25

Without a doubt, Jujubee is a terrific competitor and performer. She was hilarious in her talking heads, fantastic in Snatch Game of Love and (mostly) killed her runways & challenges. So yes, Juju deserved to be in this finale. Read more

Jul 25

Yeah, I was rooting for both Shea and Juju and don’t at all get the comments that Shea didn’t do well this episode or didn’t “earn it” this season. I thought she was the clear best in the verse number (even with the “hardest choreo” from what we were told and, honestly, what we saw), held her own on the runway (all Read more

Jun 24

It’s right there in the first gif, isn’t it?  Pec, Pec, Ass, Groin, Ass, Groin.  The symmetry is broken.  OR IS IT?

May 30

Aiden really has improved throughout this season both with her looks and her confidence. I think we’d be in for quite a surprise if she does make it onto an AS season. Read more

May 28

This ‘family as performance’ shit is angering in ways I cannot reasonably put into words using my mushy quarantine brain. Read more

May 27

I especially love that the rescue took the dog back from her. I guarantee you, this woman is the type of Karen who takes her dog into normally dog-free areas, and when people ask her to leave because it’s not a licenced service animal, she snaps back that “Don’t you know he’s a rescue? He’ll feel abandoned and have a Read more

May 26

And than petty asshole and founder of Quibi Jeffery Katzenburg made his own animated ant movie after being fired from Disney just to beat A Bug’s Life to the box office.

May 18

People read it as she“ends up alone like she said Annalise would’ve” but I was discussing it with a friend and she, like me, saw Michaela having her own family and getting to be a judge as a good ending. 

May 8

I thought I would be more upset when Heidi went home but I gotta say, the bitch killed it this season. She is so wonderful and so talented but it was nice to see her get a big, proper send off like Latrice on Season 4. She’ll be AS Top 3 for sure. Read more

May 5

I think that is a bit unfair. Think about similar shows - I don’t think Entourage is the best comparison, how about Girls? That show told a somewhat similar story about a group of friends finding their way in the world, struggling to find/keep work and their struggles with men. The cast of that show was younger than Read more

May 4

In a way Molly reminds of me of Charlotte from Sex and The City: someone with unrealistic expectations of how relationships work, and who needs to have her delusions completely destroyed in order to snap into place what she actually wants instead of what she thinks she wants. Finding out about her dad’s infidelity star Read more

Apr 25

I also think it’s really hard for some people to be able to joke about politics. I’m guessing Widow’s daily life as a big, black, gay drag queen in KCMO doesn’t give her the breathing space to be able to joke about it. Sometimes there’s a freedom in being the weirdo in a small town, or having a robust community of Read more

Apr 24

This is the second heartbreaking elimination after Rock for me. I really thought Ru should have saved them both but I guess the season didn’t allow for that. Read more

Apr 22

There are so many stories out there like this from our grandparents and great grandparents generations. I know World War II was a catalyst for many people in similar situations realizing he/she not only wasn’t alone but now had the opportunity to meet someone. These tales need to be told and it would do a lot of us Read more

Aug 16

I don’t know how anyone can watch this and think of Tom’s actions as good. I see it a lot more like a coming of age tale where he learns his lesson. The “Autumn” joke at the end is a perfect metaphor for the movie itself: He’s learned how to grow up, and he’s most likely going to make better decisions this time Read more