Andrew S.
Jul 25

I definitely feel she won the final lipsync and while I did feel earlier that there was this odd feeling of the certainty she felt about needing this win that doesn’t mean being confident is a bad thing at all. Read more

Jul 24

I said from the VERY beginning that I believed India Ferrah was a liar - not just here but everywhere I could - largely because Alexis is not subtle when being a fighter so why start now?? So India’s face crack at this being confirmed was fun - I almost Relic’d it as much as Derrick LOL Read more

Jul 17

I’m very glad they gave Alexis her flowers this week before that night ended but Shea’s comment about how she no longer has to watch her back has me feeling a tiny way?? It’s very clear she is stellar and is someone I want to see on television and that she is well respected for good reason but the whole show narrative Read more

Jul 3

What DRAMA!! This episode definitely made me wish I’d saved the episode for Get a Room on my DVR to see again for myself but what I think finds me swaying to Alexis’ side is that it’s awfully convenient for India to keep this in until the very moment she might need it most and when it would be her word against Mayhem’s Read more

Jun 30

HANDS DOWN the best collective season of reality television I watched outside of RPDR. Basit was the most fun, benevolent queen bee but let’s not go without talking Kai being an agent of disaster: thoughtlessly moving from girl to girl, only to have 2 of those girls - after literally wanting to box over him - be each Read more

Jun 30

I mean, do we not deserve to be as unconcerned with casual reality dating shenanigans as straight, heteronormative counterparts? that it was just as chaotic and messy as the straight version is a win IMO

Jun 26

This is an entertaining battle, but Morgan edges out Cracker for the win. RuPaul doesn’t agree, though...... Read more

Jun 22

There’s comfort in that world, where even Victor’s comparably “difficult” parents are supportive of gay people if not wild about the idea of having a gay son, but it means Love, Victor has nothing to add to existing television conversations around any of the topics it introduces up-front. Read more

Jun 19

I feel like I understand Cracker more than last week and can more easily believe she needs to - as Mayhem and Blair said - take some personal ownership so she can grow vs. having a real problem like Alexis believed. Now I love Alexis but I think she was paranoid after what happened with Ongina and isn’t in a place to Read more

Jun 15

Well, here we are with many of our suspicions confirmed and I feel....fine I suppose? Bullet Points this time - Read more

Jun 15

Prentice said on his twitter outright the baby was Derek’s and the tone seemed extremely annoyed.  Read more

Jun 12

It’s hard to root for Cracker this episode, even as she tears up saying she doesn’t understand why people keep calling her difficult. You can dismiss others’ critiques or you can listen and take your lumps, but you don’t get to shut down the people trying to politely explain where they’re coming from and also play the Read more

Jun 1

I feel like this was the show letting the two of them close the chapter on their past definitively. Which isn’t to say that, in the future, a romantic reconciliation isn’t possible but moreso that if it happened it would be without their prior baggage and an entirely new relationship as the more mature versions of Read more

May 30

I’m not OK with RuPaul’s lazy ass. The season’s been weird enough, bitch can’t even slap on some concealer or something? Damn. It honestly feels like he was like, “They think I’m a supervillain? Fine, I’ll be a supervillain.” Read more

May 30

Tyra was absolutely a pageant queen. She won five titles up to her win on Drag Race, including Miss Orlando Pride 2009. I get she was controversial, but that doesn’t make it OK to diminish her impact or accomplishments. Read more

May 30

Well congrats to our first ever pageant winner on the main show! (Tyra was adjacent but didn’t compete in them herself) It was satisfying to see someone who was consistently good be rewarded for their effort and that it’s a queen I liked the most in a very tight final 3 is an even bigger bonus. More than that I feel Read more

May 25

In the interest of fairness to Molly - even if I’m not seeing it for her RN and only bothered with this solo episode because it heavily featured Andrew - each of the episodes prior to the block party were spaced a month at a time and featured her making an attempt to get some face time in with Issa to talk. Now, was Read more

May 23

Briefly I wondered if Sherry would come up at all - surely this is the biggest thing to hit the season and I think there was a space for the girls to talk about Sherry’s impact on the show’s legacy or even how their experience of Sherry contrasted with who Sherry is - but no: aside from a shot of her head in the clip Read more