That’s cancertainment!: 25 great songs, books, films, albums, and TV shows in which cancer plays a major role

1. Terms Of Endearment (1983)
Terms Of Endearment has maintained its place in the tearjerker pantheon as not just a cancer film, but the cancer film of the past 25-plus years. Where its lesser predecessors like 1970’s Love Story trafficked in cheesy melodrama (“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”), Terms Of

God said, “Rock!”: 8 artists who left secular music for God, then returned

1. Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
The former Steven Demetre Georgiou entered the pop-music world at the tender age of 18, and cut his first monster record (Tea For The Tillerman) in his early 20s. Songs like “Peace Train” and cult successes like the soundtrack to Harold And Maude planted Stevens firmly in the center of the…