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Someone signed a big Nike deal a year ago.

Let me know when GOLD is available, I need them to match my LM002

These would look amazing on a mid 90's 2 door Geo Tracker.

“Hey, I couldn’t find the “add rust” option on the configuration page. Could you ask the rep about that?”

I owned three 370Zs all convertibles (two red, one black) and my friends owned a 240Z and a 300ZX so I feel that I am informed/educated enough to discuss the new 400Z. To my eye it looks like a mashup of the 300ZX and the 370Z more than the iconic 240Z. The 240Z was longer and lower and the interior is completely Read more

It really wasn’t shutokou battle and kaido battle and auto modellista are the best racing games on ps2

I’ll just leave this earworm here to spark some memories...

Some of us old heads were playing the original on 9/9/99. Just sayin’. . .

I spend a lot of time chasing roads that look like that.

A platform that’s been under Nissans and Infinitis for over 12 years Read more

T-tops would be epic but probably aren’t going to happen, I’d settle for some sort of glass panorama roof like the F-Type. The original Z was a poor man’s E-Type, they should be gunning for making this a poor man’s F-Type. A manual option would be a great way to distinguish the new Z from the Supra. 

Just did a short road trip to southern Utah. Things are fucked, so many places had people staring at us with our masks on like we were the weirdos

I’ve driven cross country about a dozen times and have only used cruise control (minimally) one of those times. Though I might be a weirdo because I generally hate cruise control. To be fair, 6 of those trips were in a manual 95 tacoma which most definitely did not have cruise control.

cpo276 at gmail if you end up coming down this way

I love your Scan Gauge set up, super clean and well thought out. Read more

So, a few things in play here.

There’s nothing in this world I love more than a good cross country road trip. Once this rona is over, I’m flying out to California to buy the first cool car the pops up on Craigslist and driving that sucker 1500 miles home. 

That’s a nice collection of cassette tapes there. Pretty diverse music genres. Good listening.  Except for the Madonna tape.

If you have an auto-reversing tape deck in your car, these things need to be modified. Generally the top review on Amazon for whichever came-from-the-same-factory-but-with-different-brand-names unit you buy will have pictorial instructions for how to do this. You just unscrew the casing and remove one wheel, and then Read more