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Haha, yeah that’s a weird phrase. But what they meant was, like, a red/blue hot/cold knob as opposed to something you can set to XXºF.


Thanks for the well-sharpened article, Andrew. You’ve well understood everything we discussed, and you’ve quoted me accurately while neatly trimming away the extensive additional conversation we had.

Interesting range of comments. Lots of the customary types—“This guy’s wrong” and “This guy’s right” at various lengths, Read more

Jul 11

Stern gave me good advice 20 years ago when I wanted to upgrade my halogen headlights to HID and he knew what he was talking about then. Here I am now with 25 years experience engineering, 20 of it in the automotive biz and 5 in the automotive headlight biz and he’s still right. Read more

Jul 11

A Goniometer is like a headlamp dyno. It tells you how much light (horsepower) and where in the pattern (RPM) creating a sort of topography map,called an isoplot, that can be compared to the FMVSS108 requirements (max and minimums). The isoplots or headlamp simulations from CAD can be uploaded into a simulator to

Jul 11

I first encountered Daniel Stern online in the early-mid 1990s on usenet in either or or one of the more specialized groups in the hierarchy. This was before the world wide web reached any sort of significant usage level. At that time if memory serves me correctly he was Read more

Jul 11

Good article. Even OEM lights from automakers can fail to pass muster, or be better or worse. For about four months (until I got sick of it), I had a 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premum 4MOTION. On the current-generation Tiguan, which began in MY2018, only the top couple of trims included the LED headlights. Read more

Jul 11

Daniel Stern is THE man. He fabbed up a full main and high beam harness for my 89 Land Cruiser with majorly upgraded Hella lenses and upgraded Halogens. Before and after performance was staggering—before it was like driving down the road with 2 candles and after even on low beams I could see forever. Read more

Jul 3

So a £3 inlet manifold gasket went bad and was leaking coolant....

Jul 3

I was looking at the pic, and knew it was vaguely familiar.  Then I saw 300Zx, and was like Oh Yeah, the plenum.  I took that thing off plenty of time on my 86, back when I had it.

Jun 30

My LR Series 3 currently gets about 100-120miles on a 10 gallon tank. So that would be an upgrade. Read more

Jun 19

Indeed. Also black car geek. These are the things that make me love Jalopnik since 2010.

Jun 19

From a black car enthusiast, great to see this!

Jun 17

I will say that I always prefer manual seats. The “infinite” seating position possibilities aren’t worth the extra weight and long-term potential for issues.