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2:55 PM

I don’t know why but every time I see a car on it’s roof I immediately think that now would be a good and convenient time to change the brake pads.

11:24 PM

Don’t really need to. It wasn’t a flawed design from the start like most GM products. All they need to do is keep it emissions and crash compliant, and they can just put in a new head unit every few years to keep up.

This is a car built on it’s own strengths, not built to be a segment leader. When you play to your Read more

5:50 PM

next will be a pic with his wife & daughters (if applicable) by his side. Jackass is a coward and should be out in front of this apologizing and making amends to change. Instead he hides behind his lawyer and next will be his church. Read more

5:42 PM

Dammit, you chucklefuck, your intentions were perfectly clear. You wanted to hurt and embarrass a total stranger because some stray gross impulse darted across your lizard brain and being a white male, you never even thought to resist or question it. You honestly expected her to find that funny or at least “laugh it Read more

11:31 AM

Except “now you can get a cheaper basic car” isn’t how it’s going to play out. An ultra-basic model will theoretically exist, but no dealers will order it, it’ll be a pain to get, and the moderately-equipped stuff we’re used to will be marked up.

4:31 PM

The ex-gawker sites are pretty much the only places where reading the comments is not just suggested, but pretty much required. Thank you for fostering that community, and thank (the royal) you all for writing what other places couldn’t and wouldn’t.

4:25 PM

I read this site on a regular basis even though I currently do not own a car and have not owned one in many years. It’s a testament to the quality of writing and even more so, the approach to the subject matter that the site has taken under your stewardship. Best of luck to you in your future travels; your best work Read more

3:31 PM

I miss our Audi 100 CS Quattro Avant, this beast’s ancestor. It gave it’s life and saved mine when a fool on his cell phone neglected to look through his windshield at the line of cars at a red light. My car ended up as the meat in a 3 car sandwich. The fool’s pickup’s front wheels were pointed in opposite directions Read more

12:55 PM

The AMG has the optional rear facing pop up seats though. You want to deny children the simple joy that is making faces to the car behind you, whats wrong with you Audi?!?!

7:00 PM

Thats what people don’t understand about Nissan’s sales going down. That CVT transmission they put in everything has been know to break down. I remember renting cars and brand new cvt nissans within the first year of rental service (25-35k miles). People lost confidence in the brand and it shows now with sales. Plus Read more

11:03 AM

I’ve rented two Sentras this year and was amazed by how nice they are inside. The Corolla I rented was junk by comparison. And to be honest, the cheap tires on the Sentra had good grip too. The real problem is the powertrain. The CVT is adequate but the engine moos like an excited cow whenever I hit the gas, while Read more