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I have one of the Power Frame Units from when I was a kid (Slide 7). Here is the main unit (motor) with an AA battery for scale. It also came with railroad tracks, and I remember the inner and outer radius rails for curves had different textures on top; one smooth and the other toothed.

I echo that.  I prefer watching movies on my 120" screen with my old Sony vpl-hw45e 1080p projector even though I have 3 4k tvs of various sizes in the house.  It is partly the size, but it is also the ambiance.  Movies were made to be watched in a darkened theater where you can give it your full attention. For Read more

This is a legitimate question - I promise I’m not trolling. Read more

Do these offer any level of transparency? I’ve been looking for something in-between my Shokz Airs and passive noise reduction for running outside.  Read more

Apologies if this was answered elsewhere (and potentially excuse my ignorance), but I assume original Game Boy cartridges relied on an internal battery to preserve saved games, and I also assume these batteries have long since been depleted. What does this mean for playing original carts using the Pocket and saving Read more

This is a great photo, Andrew. A perfect flex of good taste in old gaming. Read more

There used to be two slo-mo guys... Where did that other fella go? Read more

How do you think it will work outdoors? I've been on the hunt for an outdoor projector, and so far I've come up empty for something of decent quality that will work at dusk and later in my backyard.  Read more

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As good a reason as any to leave behind one of my favourite videos of all-time:

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This is pretty amazing. I compiled all the animations of my grandpa and grandma who died long before I was born. Color me impressed:

Hey Andrew,

No. Apple TV 4K remote is absolute shit. Literally.  Read more

I know it’s anti their new design language but I much prefer the 3rd gen remote. Easy to find because it’s not a tiny black slab and doesn’t have the sensitivity issues of the new one. I do prefer the current gen version for scrolling long lists but I just think it’s the overly designed and not that functional in Read more

I have lost count of the number of times that I’ve fumbled around in the dark, grabbed my Apple TV remote, hit the Play/Pause button in the lower left hand corner of the remote, and accidentally exited the show I was watching because I was holding the remote upside down. It happens 2 or 3 times/day. Read more

Yeah, I agree with you. I don’t like the remote. Fast-forwarding is annoying on it.  Read more

Wrong, changed the speed many times and it's still the worst remote in the history of remotes. Read more

I still use a paper notepad to take notes on client calls and the like. I would use something like this is it were maybe $50 and a replacement stylus were $3.
Read more

Especially when you factor in it costs nearly as much as a Surface Go, that can take notes and do quite a bit more. I’m with you, I don’t see the benefit.  Read more