Andre Perry
Dr. Andre Perry, a contributing writer, is a David M. Rubenstein Fellow at The Brookings Institution. His research focuses on race and structural inequality, community engagement and education.

2:09 PM

I’m not disagreeing with any of this but I imagine that increased numbers of black teachers might have a positive impact on white teachers in the same schools, too. Like white teachers might think a little more carefully about the way they treat black students if they have to justify those decisions to black

6:53 PM

This is a great essay. I just want to add that this problem is not limited to the social justice sphere. Many many philanthropies treat their grants as though they are simply fees for service. Sure we’ll give you a $250K grant, but you have to do this work for this population and you have to reach this result, even if

4:27 PM

Check out the Philadelphia African American Leadership Forum’s report:

2:47 PM

Also, I think there’s a great point here regarding diversity in general. No, it isn’t so that you can have a “token” whatever on the board (alright, sometimes it is, but work with me here), it’s so you can actually have a “boots on the ground” perspective as regards constituencies that aren’t the dominant one.

2:30 PM

What makes an organization serious about social justice? Show me the board members, executive staff and the grant recipients. They better look like the public school students they allegedly serve.