Amy L. Alexander
1/24/18 10:23PM

The many ways white people are trying to twist themselves to come up with counter reasons is proof racism is underlying all their “distrust”.

1/24/18 6:51PM

Why is this surprising? In a neighborhood council in LA, once a white person was elected for her gentrified neighborhood, she started making all kinds of personal attacks during council meetings on representatives from other neighborhoods to advance her agenda. Surprise, surprise, they’re all POC. She even went as far Read more

1/24/18 4:48PM

As a matter of strategy, she may want to go see Mayor Brown and Tom Steyermark if she’s planning a full campaign. Ari Melber interviewed them together in SF the other evening. Read more

1/24/18 4:38PM

My off topic but slightly on topic gripe is how SF and rich white folks have co-opted the Golden State Warriors now that they are good. Watch a Warriors game and you won’t even realize that they play in Oakland. Every time I have to venture out to SF, I kinda hate it. I was supposed to go bowling with a friend there Read more

1/24/18 4:26PM

Just too tired to watch my language these days, the world is filled with so much white foolishness from people who suddenly care about “rules and procedure” once a black person is on the hook.
Read more

1/24/18 4:21PM

I live in her fucking district and I’ve lived in her district for the last 10 years. She is no different than any other politician, and none of those things make her “anti-black,” they just make her a “moderate” over a “progressive,” those same people who voted to kneecap her because Ron Conway supports her, when he Read more

1/24/18 3:33PM

Fam. Not only do I live in San Francisco, I live in this trick Hillary Ronen’s district. Read more

11/17/17 6:29PM

Agree. This is why it is extremely important now to ask questions about who builds, controls, owns these platforms. Wait until AI starts running critical systems that we all depend on daily....

11/17/17 2:00PM

I’m not even really sure Russian bots are to blame. This anti-Black rhetoric has been on the internet since its inception. Breitbart and Bannon were good at tapping into how many White Americans already felt. They were pissed off after 8 years of a Black first family. Read more

11/17/17 12:37PM

And, as usual, blacks and other marginalized communities have solutions. We have the brain-power, problem-solving acumen, and moral fortitude to right the ship of state. Read more

11/17/17 12:26PM

Well, maybe, but I think the evidence would suggest that, if we are the worst, we’re not exactly winning that contest by any stunning margins. Read more

11/17/17 12:07PM

That’s because a majority of white “Americans” are the worst humans on the planet.

11/17/17 9:04AM

“How could the educated, experienced “technologists” who built and run these companies have missed the Russians’ insidious gaming of their platforms” As someone who runs adverts on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc., that’s easy to answer. They don’t care one bit. As long as they get the money for their ad, they run it. Read more