Amy L. Alexander
1/24/18 11:54PM

Hi “i am Jack’s Smirking Revenge,” your comment didn’t “disappear,” I simply hadn’t gotten to it yet (there are a lot, and I am going through all while also doing other things). Not sure what other contact you’ve had or attempted to have with TheRoot, but I don’t see any insights or Qs from you on the piece under Read more

1/24/18 11:46PM

Honestly, some of these responses, in tone and content, exactly prove my point.

1/24/18 11:42PM

Uh huh. Agree to disagree. Why did the 6 vote to replace her (if you prefer that word to ‘oust’) is my point? I also note that you’re awfully worked up about this. Why? What is YOUR stake in this? I know what mine is. Thanks for reading, in any case!

1/24/18 11:34PM

Please share how you know that Breed declined/refused to relinquish her acting mayor and/or BOS president’s seat while campaigning for the full-term slot? I might have missed a public or on the record announcement, if she made one. Also re Feinstein, she was approved by a Board majority to be the interim/acting mayor Read more

1/24/18 10:16PM

Thanks for the detailed reply. I have updated re Breed’s district: If she becomes mayor (or even as acting), she would represent BV-HP, in addition to the Fillmore. I moved fast, and blew that in the first post of this. It is now corrected. Thanks for reading.

1/24/18 10:14PM

Meh. This is a bureaucratic dodge. Quentin Kopp tried a similar prepremptive BS move on Feinstein in 1978, but couldn’t round up enough support on the BOS to pull it off. Peskin did.

1/24/18 10:08PM

Uh huh. Is it possible that Breed walked a fine line between a) ‘going with the flow’ of power on the BOS when Lee was mayor from self-preservation (to make sure she would retain appeal to voters beyond her district, which is absolutely necessary, given the dynamism of the city’s population in the past decade, and b) Read more

1/24/18 10:00PM

What does your question mean? If you’re referring to the Alicia Garza quote, nope. I pulled Garza’s tweet because it happened to very succinctly capture a close approximation of MY OWN OPINION. Thanks for reading!

1/24/18 9:57PM

Hi — I moved too fast. I am aware that London as a supervisor represents the Fillmore, not Bayview-HP; I have corrected the piece. As for the rest of your comment, thanks for sharing your opinion. I totally disagree. And I am pretty put off by your suggesting I am ‘assuming’ that Breed will be a good mayor just Read more

1/24/18 6:07PM

Um hm. I don’t like to assume things so I will ask you again to please provide links. Also, while I appreciate your mentioning these “other sources,” it is actually more interesting to know how and what YOU yourself make of this. It’s pretty easy to hide behind “what others” are saying or writing, versus sharing your Read more

1/24/18 5:16PM

Hi, thanks for reading. When you say, “You read that [Breed] is corrupt,” please share/cite this source. I would like to know. Thanks.

1/24/18 5:15PM

See my comment above in this thread re the ‘technical’ aspects that the 6 supervisors supposedly cited for part of their reason to oust London. All that “Committee” stuff is BS. Breed’s situation was very nearly an exact mirror of Feinstein’s back in ‘78. As for the data you dropped re the many SF residents who Read more

1/24/18 5:10PM

Hmmmm, I have to say I have not ever heard of white cops picking up blacks in downtown SF and “dropping them off in Bayview.” Also, Jerry Brown was not CA’s governor back in the 1960s when the funding got rolling for the “Urban Renewal” of the Western Addition.

1/24/18 5:06PM

I’ve read the AP report that I think you’re referring to — it was published in the NYTimes. Have also read all the ‘local’ coverage, from the SF Chron, to Mission Local to 48Hills and such. Here is the thing: San Francisco has always been at best a mediocre news market, i.e., not fielding kick-ass investigative units Read more

1/24/18 4:26PM

Sigh. Sorry you’re in the midst of it. It can be very discombulating, as it is basically gaslighting. The micro-aggressions happen in lots of settings in San Francisco. Like I said, it is my hometown. I have lived it.