Senior Product Manager, Kinja
Jul 25 2018

We don’t hate women, not all of us, we just hate the awkward double standard. Beat a woman at a sport and its expected, lose to one and you are ridiculed. Let her pass you and you get called out for being to easy on them, give a hard tackle and you are bullying. It is a no-win situation for men.
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Jun 21 2018

Is this live blog hog safe?

Jun 21 2018

is this live blog hog safe?

May 9 2018

I google “Univision” every day hoping to see an article like this. How did I miss this yesterday?? Read more

Apr 11 2018

From this point on, ClickHole is employing me

Feb 18 2018

Even Mike Pence had to sit down in the middle of that singing of the anthem.

Oct 6 2016

I’ve been doing that frozen grape trick FOR YEARS. My freezer just has frozen meat that has been sitting there for 4 months because I forget to thaw it before I leave for work and a half eaten pint of ben and jerrys also 4 months old.

Sep 7 2016

It was a fucking joke. Jesus Christ. Do people like you really exist?

Aug 10 2016

I only bang ex-coworkers, I’m friendly and flirty with them when they work there and then stay in touch with them after they transfer or quit. Read more

Jul 18 2016

And yet, that class action suit still has fewer members than the nWo.