A Minor Kerfuffle
Feb 7

Christopher Plummer set me up for a lifetime of unrealistic romantic expectations and for that I am incredibly grateful. Read more

Feb 4

I voted Bernie in the 2016 primaries (Hillary in the general because duh) but pretty much ever since then the Bernie stans have turned me completely off. I voted Warren in the primaries this time because she offered the same policies with a better grasp on how to actually achieve them and didn’t have the same toxic Read more

Feb 4

We tried to tell y’all that the leftist/progressive/socialist focus on classism centers white men. Lefty white men need classism as it’s the one issue where they can center themselves. They need it so they can dismiss misogyny, racism, transphobia etc. They use classism to deny the existence of other oppressive

Feb 3

I also did the switch to stop using antiperspirant, and I feel like my armpit sweat levels are about the same as they were. Antiperspirant was never great at managing sweat on me anyway. (I use a DIY deodorant that is surprisingly way better at odor control than any antiperspirant that I bought from a store ever was.)

Jan 14

I kinda don’t trust the government to put together a secure voting app without fucking it all up but there’s absolutely no reason why voting day shouldn’t be a national holiday and/or held over a weekend.

Oct 20

I have never understood the appeal for some men of displaying their genitals, whether via dick pics, video calls, public exposure, or as you describe. Read more

Jun 5

Yeah, I’m just hanging out here until one more person writes me a comment basically saying I’m stupid because I don’t know every single detail about something or because not being American, I haven’t got the same level of knowledge of your history, and you guys don’t have the same as I do about my country. If I ask a Read more

May 1 2020

I am hugely into handcrafting—I knit, crochet, spin, embroider, etc. But right now all I want is something to turn my brain off. I just started diamond painting, which much less like crafting and more like a puzzle or activity. It’s pretty and sparkly and satisfying. My evenings have gone from three or four alcohols Read more

Apr 21 2020

Yeah, in all seriousness, if the Religious Right were actually interested in all the things they tout, like “the sanctity of marriage”, what they would oppose would be no-fault divorce laws. And I know that because once upon a time, they actually did. Read more

Apr 1 2020

Pretty much everyone knows that Sanders is on the right side of history, but fighting for the person who needs it the most and speaking truth to power is too hard, so instead they complain about how someone is making them do the right thing when they would rather keep existing on autopilot. Read more

Mar 5 2020

The dirtbag left mistakes pragmatists for moderates. I understand there are moderate voters in the Democratic coalition as well, but I think the largest cohort of Democratic voters (supporting candidates from Bloomberg to Warren) are more pragmatic than anything else. Read more

Mar 5 2020

As Super Tuesday indicated, it is those voters who are going to decide the Democratic primary. Though they may have been quiet, perhaps they were there all along. Read more

Mar 5 2020

Do you really find Klobuchar’s appeal inexplicable? Putting aside that every candidate has flaws and shortcomings and Klobuchar was obviously no different...inexplicable? You can’t muster the energy to begin to credibly and fairly rationalize what it is about her, her personality, her performances in the final few Read more