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1:03 PM

Too bad there isn’t some sort of service that Apple could use to transport these devices back to their owners. You know, one where they can package the devices up, hand them to a courier of some sort (I’m thinking snappy brown uniforms) and have the items taken safely to their owners. Read more

10:09 PM

Yeah after I posted that comment here I went to Politico and they are reporting the same, that he tested negative. Too bad. There is no justice in the world.

10:00 PM

The actual testing itself takes under 4 hours. It’s basically purifying virus RNA and doing a PCR, with appropriate control reactions. It’s something most science labs and clinical labs do all the time. I assume as president, his sample got couriered to a testing facility and went to the front of the line.

8:47 PM

Haterz are gonna hate, but this is the real deal. I’ve even seen the note.

6:23 PM

Absolutely. I just thought I’d note this, as I rarely see mention of the virus’ naming and it is still confusing people. I didn’t actually mind your usage or wording at all, I got the idea well enough, and the official terminology made no effort at all to ensure it was understandable for the average person, which to Read more

4:49 AM

As another poster put in another article on this site, “Americans have two choices, be sick and go to work or be sick go homeless.”

12:14 AM

Personally, I’d like to see all Uber “contractors” stay home indefinitely and collapse that godawful company/industry. Shoving 100k halfasses that barely passed their driving tests onto the roads of NYC, at least, has done much more harm than good in terms of pollution, traffic congestion, and traffic Read more

8:28 PM

Business model made popular by treating people like cheap, disposable cattle continues treating people like cheap, disposable cattle. In other news, water is wet.

9:31 AM

We really need to work on copyright law in this country. So many movies and television shows should have entered public domain by now. I know that Congress didn’t extend the Copyright Term Extension Act, but these things are going to be a slow trickle year-by-year, when they should have already been available.