Alyse Stanley
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Dec 6

That’s not true for all of us! I, for example, am modestly covered in mayonnaise at all times! Read more

Dec 4

Just let me turn off Fleets so I don’t have to see them at the top of my app, please. I haven’t clicked on one since the first day they were released.

Nov 16

Big difference: it’s unwise to stick Q-tips in your ears, while it’s unwise to stick Q-drops in your brain.

Nov 11

Still have all of these. The Easy-bake oven, the tonka truck dashboad with steeringwheel, the handiman workbench. My kids were born 2002-2007 but they loved these playsets. Still have an old keyboard that they fit on. Takes a bit to get the software working on Win10 but it can be done.

Oct 31

NYC is at 95% capacity right now? That doesn’t seem right...

Oct 19

Alternate title: “Asked about masks, Atlas shrugged.”

Oct 18

Douglas 4:12 And those that escheweth the mask, they shall inherit the earth: in 3'x6' portions. Read more

Oct 4

The car ride he took is pure madness. He’s so afraid of looking human he’s willing to risk his health and the health of others just to try to look “strong”.

Oct 4

I’m so happy you got to learn about the Bee Ball of Death!!!

Oct 4

What the actual fuck!!! Absolutely terrifying!! Thank you :)