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Aug 1

Oh it’s got problems, sure, but whether one of those problems is “leaking U.S. user data to Beijing” is highly debatable, and that’s what Trump has been citing for the reason behind the ban

Aug 1

LinkedIn, Reddit, and tons of other apps were discovered doing the exact same thing re: accessing iOS users’ clipboards. Also, Tiktok snooping on your data (something just about every popular app does, unfortunately) does not automatically mean they’re leaking that data to Beijing. 

Jul 28

UCS estimates that a non-pooled ride-hailing trip generates about 47 percent greater emissions than does a private car trip in a vehicle of average fuel efficiency.” - The study states pretty plainly what that figure stands for. Doesn’t mean non-passenger bearing, just non-pooled.

Jul 26

No need for the passive aggressiveness. I linked to the article, which includes a link to the study, as I suspected most casual readers would rather read a summary of its most topical points instead of diving into a 12-page scientific document.

As for that 47% figure, it only represents a portion of the trips that ride Read more

Jul 25

That checks out. A show about puppies helping people fits Canadian stereotypes to a T.

Jun 23

If you read beyond the headline, you’d see that I name the exact town where the 100 degree reading was recorded, and also mention how it’s further north than Fairbanks, Alaska.

Jun 7

As I said, I don’t doubt that the technology powering these devices was originally intended for other uses. However, LRADs - as in, the devices made by Genasys, the company that manufactures them and also owns the trademark to LRAD and long range acoustic device - were originally developed for military use.

Jun 6

Interesting. Though I don’t doubt that the technology was originally developed for other purposes, LRAD is a brand name that’s only been around since the early 2000s.

May 31

Ah, my apologies. I shall inform Reuters that they need to reprimand the head of their Russia news desk (who literally wrote this from Moscow) because Google Translate says her translation is wrong.

May 31

Not my story, but I had a coworker whose dog loved the sound of cicadas because it would munch on their molted shells. She called them “puppy popcorn”

May 30

Very true. Hell, at this point I’d welcome the chance to retreat underground for 17 years.

May 29

Just because a treatment is considered safe and effective for a specific disease doesn’t mean it’s considered a safe treatment full-stop for all ailments. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that hydroxychloroquine (or any modern drug, for that matter) is not the fabled panacea from days of yore

May 24

Sorry, you’ve waived all rights to play the ad hominem card since you’ve already called someone a douche.