Aimée Lutkin
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Thank you so much for reading and the kind words! Read more

sure, but you can say that about most dating scenarios off of apps. respectfully hoping isn’t a terrible thing and it obligates no one to do anything! Read more

To a burner account?? I don’t think so!! Read more

How are you today” is a great question. Read more

I like this. It is sort of like a gentle game, maybe more like badminton for me. Read more

Literally sign up for any dating app at all—you will see many people looking for dates in open relationships, and if you are willing to state your interest explicitly n your bio, they’ll probably be delighted. Read more

Yeah, I think it’s better to be clear about the rules, so someone can agree to them. If you think telling someone one of your rules will drive them away, they’re either not the right person or the boundaries you’ve set up are not going to work and you need to revisit them with your partner. Read more

Interesting, thanks for this tip. Read more

This is what I meant! But I am also queer, and a lot of apps that aren’t explicitly for LGBTQ people are aggressively heterosexual and I am shown straight women ALL THE TIME on Tinder and Bumble. So I think if you’re a man looking for women who switches briefly to searching for men on one of those, you will see a lot Read more

I agree! If you’re too lazy to even share a sentence about yourself, how will you be in a relationship? Read more

Personally, I don’t mind if someone is short, but a lot of people obviously want to know. I think it’s okay to leave it out, but if they ask and you’re too short for didn’t waste money on a date. Read more

I’m assuming everyone needs help. You all need help. Read more

This makes you seem sweet and relaxed, but a lot of your descriptives are generic. Share a short story about a road trip, or be more specific about your fav restaurant. You seem nice! Give people more to remember about you. Read more

You’re right, but he should have been Hufflepuff. I look forward to this fight. Read more

She does hair and it’s a passion of hers. She also takes the girls out to lunch with other influential women in their community. Maybe as an adult, you can say you don’t think there should be value placed on things like hair and make-up, but girls who are growing up are still learning and experimenting with what Read more