10/26/20 7:24PM

People were making fun of others for coming up with can’t win.

10/20/20 7:45AM

I wanted to add some domovoi trivia, but your summary is quite well-rounded, great job! The only thing I can mention is that domovoy can interact with home pets, especially cats. It is also believed that he likes sweet treats and milk left overnight on a kitchen table. 

10/13/20 2:44AM

I know what you mean about houses being alive. When I lived in Berlin, I was in the habit of greeting my apartment whenever I came home from work with “Hello, House!” It remains the calmest, safest place I’ve ever lived, despite being Haunted AF. Read more

10/12/20 10:41AM

I absolutely agree about the “sentience” of houses and buildings. Not sure how direct they can really get, but energy of the past can stick around to such a strong degree. I’ve felt it both positive and negative. I kinda see it in the same way of higher animals; there is a high level of awareness and conscious thought Read more

10/11/20 12:31AM

Never thought about homes having sentience. After reading the comments tho, I told my home that I love and appreciate it ☺️

10/09/20 1:54PM

Wow! Looks like your and your house have a very special relationship. I love that it seems to want to protect you.

10/08/20 1:01AM

Slavic folk beliefs are my weird specialty and I would literally kill for a domovoi. I’m actually doing research on house spirits right now for an exhibit proposal, so heres some traditional domovoi advice. Read more

10/07/20 4:10PM

I feel the same way about houses - that after awhile, they gain a semblance of sentience. I introduced myself to our rental house when we first moved it, during my initial walk though. I was told all the keys would be in the kitchen drawer, but when I looked, all I could find was the house keys - the garage key was Read more

10/07/20 11:54AM

I love this story! Your house and your relationship with it is so cool. I 100% believe that old houses are semi-sentient and generally, the older the house, the more life can be found in it. Like a ´thickness´ of time and feeling, somehow. 

10/06/20 2:29PM

My stepmum is pretty sensitive to the other side, she’ll get a look on her face in the middle of a conversation and eerily look past you, and you’ll know that she is seeing a ghostie. She’s never scared and will often just tell them to move along. This spookiness was seemingly inherited by my oldest niece, who is now Read more

10/06/20 1:45PM

Your sulky, unhappy thing seems cool as hell. Like your own personal Eeyore who steals hazelnut syrup.