10/26/20 12:15PM

That sounds cool! I’m going to have a look! I’d love to have a copy if it’s not too much effort. I’ll be having a look at the patreon either way, though, since it sounds like it might be right up my alley

10/26/20 12:13PM

In retrospect, it was more annoying than scary, but it had potential at the time!

10/26/20 12:12PM

LOVE those things! And yes, that is very close to my experience of the concept!

10/24/20 8:24AM

Oh, what’s the context of your podcast? *curious*. I don’t mind at all, but I’d love a link!

10/14/20 3:07PM

Yeah, he’s “chilling” behind the pellet oven, which I guess is as close as a “proper” stove for him as it can get?I feel like he’s not impressed with the electric stove!
Read more

10/12/20 1:31PM

I have, but not in a house, and it was a location where I didn’t expect it. I was visiting a friend in Austria, and she asked to go to Carnuntum (Roman stuff). Among other things, we went to a place where there were gladiator fights. I rather expected there to be *something* but the entire range was just dead. My best Read more

10/09/20 5:38PM

Me too... there once was a mail person where the door opener wouldn’t work and the front door was “stuck” when I got downstairs to open it manually. Ended up having to call the police on him because he tried to force entry into my place (the downstairs is rented out to a business, so there’s a long corridor, then a Read more

10/08/20 3:01PM

There’s not much beyond what I’ve already told, far too little to fill a book! But thank you!

10/08/20 4:03AM

Also, just noticed your handle... I’ve joked I’m living in a miniature, tame version of Rose Red before :-D

10/08/20 4:02AM

Noooo, I don’t mindat all! I’ve done some slavic studies myself, so I’m not entirely unfamiliar.
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10/07/20 1:12PM

Much! I don’t know if it’s going to show well enough to read, but it says “Konz

10/07/20 12:15PM

That! Except at times if no one has lived in them for a long, long time, they sometimes go to sleep and you’re not sure what you’re going to get if you wake them up.
This one was owned by a person who had absolutley no sense of how to handle an old house (also no skills as a craftsman, and with anything this old Read more

10/06/20 3:18PM

See, the thing is, they’re *supposed* to help around the house and stuff. It doesn’t. It takes what offered (milk & cookies, mostly), but other than that, it’s just there. Now if it was actually doing its job, THAT would be cool!

10/06/20 1:19PM

I’ve grown up with ghosts and spirits being real, and a good grounding in how to handle them, and I’m afraid there’s only two times I’ve really been scared in that context – one a very weird encounter with a partial thing when I was a kid that’s not lending itself to a telling, the other a location near my family’s Read more