Lawrence Ross

Yeah but I’d consider it a waste if I couldn’t be in the room to laugh and point while it’s happening. Read more

They ABSOLUTELY should take care of the writers they owe money to. They generated content or the appearance of solvency on that content, and it’s additionally insulting that a Black Publication (I understand from your piece this was after the change in leadership) cheats it’s Black writers. Read more

One day I went to the ghetto whole foods and in the cafe section I saw mans with a whole ass wireless printer and two reams of paper. God Bless Black People.
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Traditional coworking spaces are everywhere in L.A., but they are expensive and can be just as isolating as working at home for one very specific reason—they are overwhelmingly white. Read more

I’m really going to have to go here to write. This is excellent because it’s not a Starbucks where pretty much people go to be seen looking like they are being creative. At least I won’t have to look across and see Steve with a whole ass home office set up on a table for 4. That membership tho is kinda high.. Read more

The average cost for office space in LA runs $40 per square foot, and that’s for a bunch of empty rooms with doors and windows. Buy the monthly pass and it goes down to $2.67/day. Read more

Leimert Park is at the intersection of the hood and the hills. This isn’t gentrification because it’s their neighborhood. Read more

The owner must have got bored after 296 runs.
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Oi!  Jalopnik!  Class the place up a bit would ya, give the man some more things to write :) Read more

Good stuff, Lawrence! I’m enjoying keeping up with your progress and your fictional provenance.
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I just watched an old Wheeler Dealers episode when Ed was still the mechanic and they did Corvair restore. Read more

I really can’t get enough of this rebuild, Lawrence. Thanks for the article!
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New engine parts ARE pretty, and I’ve spent as much time staring at them as installing them. Almost a shame to get them dirty.  Read more

I’ll be following this, if only for the actual true project details - because we have a few things in common, Lawrence. Read more