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1:21 PM

Victoria’s reaction as she heard the music was perfect as was how Peter was completely oblivious to everything.

1:09 PM

I assumed that the yellow food was quiche! I already did before, but this regular column has me paying even closer attention to every plate that appears in an episode.

12:37 PM

Their (expected) reactions to the location made me realize that it took a while, but I’ve officially lived here long enough where it’s okay for ME to make fun of Cleveland, but don’t you fucking dare without coming here and eating first. We are an *excellent* food city.

9:14 AM

Never really got into Arrow like i did Flash or Legends. But it was hilarious when Diggle breaks the 4th wall when he tells Sara and co he won’t be allowing his kids to watch this show during the Beebo attack. 

4:24 PM

Holding your own against Ellen Greene is very impressive.  

3:22 PM

I didn’t know I had a favorite version of Jake, but him with the long hair singing with Rufus IS it. This is peak Jake for me. Only diminishing returns from now on.

3:02 PM

My goodness, last time I saw Rufus, he was awkwardly opening for Roxy Music in 2001. He was a young, dark haired 28 year old like me. That’s what 46 looks like? Put me down.

9:49 AM

I absolutely hated Caity when she first showed up on Arrow and was doing chin-acting all the time trying to be serious. All she needed was to be away from Arrow to lighten up a little and show up her never-ending skills. I am so proud now. 

1:56 AM

I love Ava’s gradual turn from straight-laced killjoy to hyper-repressed but lovable weirdo.
“Agent Sharpe lacks a delicate touch and is extremely deficient at relating to people.” That is straight from my time bureau personnel review. Pretty harsh. . . . .
I wrote that review.”
All while obsessively cleaning.
That’s s Read more

1:38 AM

I feel like this is making up for almost forgetting outright Sara losing Quentin but I’m really glad theyre giving Sara/Oliver full weight between this and last week. Through their past-and-present relationship that was explored in Arrow S2, it’s clear there was a genuine love there, and that should stick with her so Read more

10:44 PM

I know it’s really superficial and petty of me but I’m glad that reality changing means someone finally introduced Mia to a hair dryer. She just constantly looked like she’d stepped out of the shower since her first appearance.

11:57 AM

One nice touch I noticed near the end is when they show Earth-96 (Routh) Superman again, he’s got the yellow back in his costume, implying his Lois (and other friends) didn’t die in his new reality. He got a happy ending.  :)

11:44 AM

There was a moment when Kate said “Good for you!” to an excited Barry like he was a slow child that made him laugh out loud.

11:28 AM

I don’t have the energy to go into details this time, but all in all they did a decent job at this crossover, mostly propped up by the strength of the cameos and sheer audacity alone. But the “show” part of this has been a big mess, and I attribute that to the same thing that plagued Arrow Season 3 and 4: Marc Read more

10:24 AM

I was already smiling when they brought Beebo out for all the non-Legends to marvel/be disgusted at.... but when Ray took a selfie so he could show Nate? I laughed very loudly (sorry neighbors). It was a very brief but perfect Legends move.

10:20 AM

I loved all five episodes, and I can’t wait to see how the Arrowverse (we need to keep the name alive... FOR OLIVER!!) is affected going forward. Yes, I was hoping for a giant OllieSpectre appearance to fight the Anti-Monitor, but at the same time bringing Oliver back (again) would have undercut all the great stuff in Read more