Brewers pitcher fulfills childhood pledge to bring beloved seafood stand to the masses

Hello, greetings from “wow, only Thursday,” as this weekday should be officially renamed. Need to be casually, gently delighted by something? We’ve got you. To be more accurate, Jared Diamond of the The Wall Street Journal has got you, with this charming story about Jeremy Jeffress. An All-Star relief pitcher for the…

Disney streaming service to include Be Our Chef, a cooking competition hosted by Angela Kinsey

Is there a pop culture writer somewhere in your life? If so, this would be a good time to give them a pat on the back, or offer to take them out for a beer when they finally have some free time, because for entertainment writers, April is nuts. Proof positive: Last week’s official announcement of Disney+ included so…

Tala Ashe leads a Legends Of Tomorrow full of pride, prejudice, sense, sensibility, and magic sex dust


The novels of Jane Austen combine biting social commentary and wry humor with genuine romance, a blend that has made them enduring classics. There have been many adaptations, both faithful and loose, over the years; the most successful never lose sight of the comedy laced throughout her stories, even in the face of

In a month of superhero stories, the overstuffed but well-acted Fast Color goes its own way


“I know the back of her head better than the front,” Bo (Lorraine Toussaint) says of her daughter. It’s stated wryly but with undeniable warmth, over brief flashes of a lovely memory: a child running headlong through a swaying field of grass, her great joy conveyed in a glimpse over her shoulder. Of the several…