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Jul 3

That’s one hundred percent not the argument I’m making. Put ‘em all online. My hope is that it encourages people to see theatre live when that’s something that’s possible again. 

Jun 3

I think that’s probably a long shot though maybe she’ll be recurring? But I agree, she really came alive, especially after Astra left hell. 

Jun 3

I think she meant you fight for that edge, not that there’s two percent that’s remaining. But this is a funny interpretation. 

Jun 3

Well Zari 2.0 seems to have somehow picked up some of Zari 1.0's skills, plus she can always just find the end of the power cord... 

Jun 3

Caity Lotz was light in the beginning of this season because of a) Crisis and b) the episode she directed, so it’s not just you. 

Jun 3

Thanks for the thanks, The Left Hand of the Son of Coul. This is probably my favorite comments section anywhere (certainly post-CExG) and I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. Stay safe. 

Jun 3

Yes, would love to know how John Diggle in particular feels about Loomworld and people messing with his damn timeline again. 

Jun 3

Yeah, that was a real killer of a moment. Maybe we’re destined for an episode where Gideon tells them all off for treating her like she’s not a sentient being with a full emotional life?