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5:34 PM

The one thing I was saying to myself the whole I time I was reading the article was “but, but... where’s the alcohol?”. I am going to have to make this. With some dry “cooking” wine thrown in for good measure.

4:37 PM

the boys invented a game that involves stripping down to your underwear, putting socks on your hands and a pot on your head, and chasing each other around

4:35 PM

I usually use savoy cabbage in salads instead of lettuce. It has such a nice  crunch to it. It also lasts longer in the fridge.

4:26 PM

Because cheese is far more delicious than vegetables.

3:28 PM

Something interesting I have come to realize since working with a lot of Indians is that they don’t like fresh vegetables very much. One, who is vegetarian (or as he says “not totally, I eat eggs”) refuses to eat salads. We were in South Korea together and finding food for him to eat was extremely difficult.

3:20 PM

The one exception to boiling cabbage is if you’re trying to get the leaves loosened so you can make stuffed cabbage rolls. But even then its more of a boil and shock situation rather than boiling it to death. 

2:52 PM

Cabbage is good, but I can’t convince my girlfriend of this. She’s a vegetarian who hates most vegetables, especially farty-smelling ones. Cabbage is thick and meaty compared to lettuce, it’s fun to chew up, fun to dress up, it takes flavors and dressings with ease, it heats well and adds body to lots of stuff. None Read more

2:37 PM

I made a huge pot of pozole the other day, and we’ve been finely chopping cabbage to throw on top and provide crunch. It’s an ideal way to add crunch in general; even cole slaw that’s been sitting in a plastic cup for a week has great texture Read more

2:33 PM

This is very much like haluski, which I grew up eating in Pittsburgh. All those eastern European ancestors left us with some pretty great food. Read more

2:26 PM

Cabbage in noodles is very yummy,  honestly I think its what makes a really good lo-mein.  

1:49 PM

I boil cabbage. I do it outside but I still boil it.

1:44 PM

I can get behind any recipe that includes the instruction “Add the stick of butter.”