Allison Wentz
Oct 29

Damn those pants are super tight , there is no way I would fit into them unless…
I better shape up.

Oct 3

Truly a Defibrillator for the Erratic Heartbeat of Next

Oct 3

Remember when I used to break ads and then you would tell me about it and I would also fix them? Read more

Sep 26

This is your finest contribution to this company, thank you for your service.

Sep 12 2019

Something I forgot to add: Ryan still refers to The Inventory as “TheInventory” and Kinja Deals as “KinjaDeals” in important internal emails even though I’ve corrected him dozens of times over the years. Best of luck to his new employers at Untuck It.

Something I forgot to add: Ryan still refers to The Inventory as “TheInventory” and Kinja Deals as “KinjaDeals” in

Aug 2 2019

Can confirm, the house is on fire.

May 21 2019

Jon badly burned his hand in season 1. He’s not immune to fire or heat like Dany. Nor was Viserys. Nor was book Dany, except for the one time.

May 20 2019

It’s funny. I know GRRM gave some major points for D&D to have included in the show, now at the end, it just feels like it’s been a season(!) of connecting the dots, then cut to black. Like...he gave them the points, but just didn’t let them in on HOW it would play out. I’ll give one example of something that D&D Read more

May 20 2019

FYI KeyPart alone is enough to group by request; you do not need to include TimeUsec2. Also, the Requests file has IsVideoFallbackRequest and IsFilledRequest so you don’t need to join to CodeServes.

May 9 2019

Additional Verdict for Reunion: Do not order the frozen Dark & Stormies

May 9 2019

Looks like things started to get blurry at Jimmy’s Corner!

Apr 28 2019

I kind of wish he had a super heavy Minnesotan accent, and I also kind of wish when he killed Theon he would have looked right at the camera and had asked: “Cold enough for ya?”. Read more

Apr 28 2019

“Wolf Like Me,” about an undead dire-wolf who reunites with his long-lost sister Nymeria, and her brood. They move in together and have wacky dysfunctional family misadventures. Soundtrack by TV on the Radio.

Apr 13 2019

What? Did you even read the books? The actual message is that the real dragons were the friends they made along the way!

Sep 14 2018

Damn, Melrose is really on point in these interviews. Read more