Alice Bradley
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2:08 PM

Next on Evil Week: How to run a beloved community into the ground. All you need is a website, passionate readers, auto-start video ads, and a shitty mantra. Just pulling things out of the air, let’s use “Stick to Sports.”

1:19 PM

For starters, wear those Blue Blockers glasses at all times.  You’ll never get a sexually transmitted disease.  

11:30 AM

I was told eating the crust will make it so I can whistle.  Sure enough, I can whistle now.

11:19 AM

Or just make the sandwiches and let them see you eating it. Kids emulate the people who influence them.

11:18 AM

I feel like there’s noticeable less bread though... I guess most kids wouldn’t notice but I’d like to tell myself that I would

3:59 PM

Also consider The Changeling (1980) with George C. Scott.

11:34 AM

I had a bad couple years (personal tragedy, divorce, shitty work situation, etc.) and, uhh...did not respond to it well. For about an 18 month period while I was battling depression, anxiety, and insomnia, I drank waaaaay too much—probably averaged 8 or so drinks a day)—at like shit, slept like shit, and essentially Read more

1:25 PM

My response to reading this was pretty visceral. If this happened to one of my children, none of my children would attend that school again until “K” was expelled. I would be doing everything I reasonably could to make that happen, too. I would start by making sure that the principal knew about the situation. I would Read more

1:21 PM

We recently were told by our child and our bus driver about an incident. Another child punched my child while the kids were all walking out to buses at the end of the day. Both my child and the bus driver said that my kid’s teacher was there. We waited a couple hours to see if the teacher would call us (she didn’t) Read more

1:13 PM

In first grade my son had a kid tell him he was going to kill me if he ever saw me. All that happen was the teacher moved him down a color on the behavior chart for the day. My son was really upset about it and we called the teacher and she made him apologize to my son. I know these kids are young and do and say Read more

11:39 AM

It honestly feels like the powers that be of G/O media are doing everything they can to drive traffic off the site so they lay off the staff and mold this into what they want. Read more

11:36 AM

I thought this was something new I fucked up today. But no! I was watching another video, one in the post that I clicked on and WANTED to watch and was wondering wtf the grumbling was in the background. Read more

4:42 PM

It seems like people are always at either two extremes of this and both are bad. Having crippling anxiety is awful, but so is being self centered and not considering those around you.

8:59 AM

The most important thing to remember is that, in 100 years, all of those people who have the opinions you care so much about, will be dead.  None of their shit is going to matter then, so why let it matter now?

5:07 PM

Non-snarky advice: if you don’t know what to put in your profile ask a good friend to write it for you. They like you and see all the great stuff you have to offer that you may not think to say (or don’t even know is there). They want you to be happy and won’t be afraid to put the info that will weed out the Read more

12:24 PM

she is absolutely correct, anything that isn’t Brach’s is garbage. The chocolate corns and the pumpkin mixes are also unacceptable. 

3:42 PM

You do realize you’re just another organic puddle of flesh that just happens to exist right...