Alex McLevy
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2:15 PM

Okay this needs to be said. This game is based on a fascinating nautical urban legend. It probably never happened but the legend of the Ourang Medan is a great story and its very very underused in fiction. Sadly this game, while clearly having read the material adding in most of the legend, weird distress signal,

12:28 PM

This is a little bit all over the place, but basically it makes me think of what’s the best way of interacting with asymmetric gameplay? In the sense that stories can have unequal amounts of information, and how does an audience generally enjoy such a thing? A few games come to mind and (my) habits come to mind. I

11:48 PM

Alex, I think your timeline is off. The Ambassadors was painted in 1533. The Dutch Masters (Vermeer, Rembrandt, etc) weren’t born yet.

12:51 AM

They referred to the Shadow King as an “Omega Level Mutant” tonight. I don’t have the best memory with shows, but is this the first time the series has used that term from the comics? They barely call them mutants as is. Still, I appreciated that little nod.

11:50 PM

Appreciate your reviews and thoughts all season, but for this viewer, this episode was an all-timer. 

11:15 PM

One massive lingering question that’ll probably never get answered (and hasn’t even been alluded to all season) is the notion of David’s adopted parents.

10:19 PM

Sooo are they face punching and perhaps removing their shirts in this movie? Asking for a friend. Cause I don’t care much about the cars or Princess Margaret. But I mean Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham and WAIT A SECOND IS THAT IDRIS ELBA TOO? Slow clap - well played. This soccer mom might have to haul her cookies to

3:38 PM

Paradise should fake the audience out by threatening to have Luke on, showing him on a helicopter talking about how excited he his to prove himself to America by explaining himself constantly (and incoherently) for the next several weeks, only to reveal that they’ve actually abandoned him on a genuine deserted island

11:53 PM

“It’s the No. 2 show on TV. You don’t sneeze at it being No. 2 out of the three billion shows that are on TV.”

9:19 AM

If there’s a Straczynski style it might be located here, in his idealization of that Kryptonite-turned-American torchbearer of light and hope and peace.

11:26 PM

Halfway through season 3, and it’s safe to say this is far better than season 2. Not that season 2 was bad, it’s just that season had a lot of wheel spinning and aside from the last minute rape reveal, it never felt like it was going anywhere. It also felt a bit more visually drab and repetitive with the whole Farouk

11:25 PM

The sequence involving Kerry, Clark, and Farouk was nothing less than an approximation of a comic book, right down to Farouk’s stating that it was the time between time, much like the way comic book panels stretch and manipulate time to create the illusion of motion/time passing/action.

12:51 PM

The thing that really gets to me about anti-vaxxers is not that they are wrong about the link between autism and vaccines. It is because even if they were right, they are saying they would rather risk their kid dying before risking their kid would get autism.

9:03 AM

Let’s see your Mario Maker 2 levels, AV Club! I’ve made three so far, all of which have turned out to be pretty challenging, though I’d argue still fair, due to reasonable checkpoints and/or power up placement.