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Oct 9

Definitely hit more than a few false notes this episode, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt on the whole “AOC = Antagonistic Overpowered Congresswoman” reveal. The Boys has proven to be a touch more smartly-written than the source material would imply, and more so than the naysayers give it credit Read more

Sep 30

That Lera Lynn video won’t play, because it’s two days away from premiering. Here’s the official audio-only version:

Sep 30

Co-signed. I’m wary of anyone who has lines of sex he’ll have with women he’s in love with that he doesn’t have with women he’s not in love with. “I like kinky stuff but not with the future mother of my child” = “women only matter to me in the ways they personally fulfill roles in my life, and thus should only be Read more

Sep 21

I am definitely do not live in a Democrat-majority place, but I have, at the very least, been happy to see a nearly-total compliance with the mask mandate...except for restaurants and social gatherings. You would think the cognitive dissonance—this is fun but, you know, very deadly—would be enough to put people off Read more

Aug 26

This sounds like exactly the type of comic I need right now. Thanks for the review, and after I read it, I expect I’ll be thanking Evan Dahm.

Aug 25

I feel my joking off the late-90s steroid era in baseball may have been too oblique here.

Aug 25

It is gloriously apropos that a movie featuring Illyana Rasputin has been stuck in Limbo for years.

Aug 14

I’ve never seen Dancer in the Dark, but that clip with Bjork and Peter Stormare standing right next to a moving train... Jesus Christ, that’s dangerous as fuck.

Aug 7

The difference was that young Syd did a horrible thing which she felt awful about and then spent years not using her powers. Where as David never even accepted blame and got violently mad when confronted.

Jul 11

I’m also sad the Jessie Ware album didn’t make the cut because it’s SO deserving. But, fwiw, a lot of us submitted our picks for these before the album was out—I had my list firmed up and sent in, then I heard What’s Your Pleasure the following week and immediately wrote it up for A-Sides. Thinking it’ll have a better Read more

Jul 11

That new Oranssi Pazuzu deserves the spot, even if it is thrown in there as the token metal album.
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Jul 7

‘B Rosenberger Rosenberg’? ‘Inigo Cutbirth’?!?!? I have time for Thomas Pynchon (at least early Thomas Pynchon) but by god he uncorked of a whole tide of (let’s face it) middle aged white dudes who think whimsical and occasionally violent things happening to people with silly names for nearly a thousand pages is what Read more

Apr 19

It wasn’t Dante’s grave, unless you’re calling it that because he dug it. I was wondering why he bothered killing infirmary patient Cheryl, but he needed an excuse to dig the hole exactly where it had to be to connect to the network of tunnels. (I remember thinking, why is he digging a grave there; it didn’t seem to Read more

Feb 28 2017

If you thought those two paragraphs were bad, wait till you get a load of this Stan Lee guy and his "Marvel" Comics. Talk about effectively weaving political and social commentary into entertaining narratives. Why can't a man wearing an American Flag punch a Nazi without there having to be all this subtext?