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6:09 PM

I feel a bit of irritation at this story. I’m a black guy who has a white niece and a white nephew who are both the grandchildren of a black man and descendants of slaves. They’re a quarter black just as the subject of this story is a quarter Puerto Rican. It irritates me that they might one day want to explore their Read more

4:05 PM

Thanks! I’m sure I’ll have even more nerdy nitpicking, all that was just off the top of my head. Read more

11:18 AM

My recommendation for Holiday gift giving is World Peace and Unbridled Joy and they can be had for the sale price of $25.* Read more

9:38 AM

Damn, it sounds like Mickey and the Bear and For Sama fall directly into that category of “movies that I want to watch and would probably love, but I just don’t have the emotional fortitude right now.” Read more

12:20 AM

This season has really been all about the importance of Elliot and Darlene’s relationship. All the big deaths and confrontations and even sacrifices of others take most of the attention but in the end this is what really matters.After all we spent a lot of time on making Elliot understand he can’t do it alone and the Read more

11:28 PM

Man, I loved Price as the drunk asshole! He knew he wasn’t surviving the night no matter what happened, so he seemed to enjoy himself. Oh, and while you highlighted the “bad management” line, I think you missed what made it so, so great: the comment about losing employees either by them quitting or by blowing their Read more

11:17 PM

I’m pretty sure the meeting took place right before Mr. Robot met up with Darlene, The Boardroom of course being the inside of Eliot’s mind. I did too think that maybe the Third Personality was “Real Eliot” but I rejected that mostly that would just ruin all the character development that Eliot had under gone (And Read more

11:38 AM

I am seriously taken aback by all the comments that minimize the alarm that we should all feel as a result of these serious encroachments on our privacy. By way of background not only am I am a prosecutor, but I’ve also recently had an iPhone (along with about $15 worth of change) stolen from my car, which was parked Read more

4:03 PM

How dare you slander my good name by associating me with the star of Tiptoes

1:02 PM

TBF, folks may be quoting any of the apartment-dwellers that immediately followed Beale’s exhortation, as many of them ‘adjusted’ his sentiment into varied incarnations. Paddy penned those as well.

11:19 PM

LOVED this episode! Loved the score. Loved that they used The Motels and my favourite band, Concrete Blonde for the soundtrack. Loved the cinematography, which was gorgeous. Tod Campbell has been outdoing himself this year with a visually stunning season. And most of all, I absolutely loved that when Darlene is Read more

12:17 AM

I thought, seriously, that both Elliot and Mr. Robot would look into the camera at the end of the episode, indicating that we are his friend and other alter ego. :) If this would have happened, I would have freaked out. The voice of the snowman sounded a lot like the taxidermy woman.

12:01 AM

We all have been speculating about another personality all these years. People threw all these possibilities -Tyrell, Leon - but it never fit. But now we know. Finally, here’s the proof it exists. It also seems like the versions of Elliot mother and child self that we glimpsed last week when he was dying know about Read more