Alex McLevy
Alex McLevy is a writer and editor at The A.V. Club, and would kindly appreciate additional videos of robots failing to accomplish basic tasks.
Jul 12

For the record, when I personally assembled this feature for the site, it was not in slideshow format at that time. 

Jul 8

I swear by all that’s holy that was added after I submitted this review. 

Jun 19

Spending a little more time with that one; you can probably expect some words on it next week. 

May 4

While I might quibble with the hair-splitting, Lord, it’s a valid point. Language has been edited for clarity. 

Mar 23

Fuck, you’re right, Lizardo. It’s been changed. That’s what comes of writing when you’re diagnosed with the flu and are just praying you get over it before you get hit with coronavirus.

Dec 19

Sorry we didn’t give you a separate best metal albums list this year, James. Our film editor, A.A. Dowd, recently ran down his favorite metal albums of the decade on Twitter if you’re curious.

Dec 2

Good catch on several incorrect pronouns in the first couple of paragraphs, Run John Boy. They’ve been fixed.

Dec 2

I know this is the prevailing theory (and it’s a sensible one), but it’s going to bum me out if it’s true.

Oct 14

Interesting that you see It that way. I don’t think the show has given us much reason to assume that. It’s certainly a possibility, don’t get me wrong; but the fact that you saw it as young Elliot and not Tyrell Is fascinating. Maybe you’re right! We’ll see.