Alex Hevesy
Lance Tedford spends his energies working on his 1985 Chrysler LeBaron. He is extremely tall and can never die.
Jan 22 2018

No, but I’m getting a HUGE kick out of everyone who thinks we sold out that quickly.

Nov 18 2017
60 mom called me and said, “There’s a big stupid blue van parked near the thrift store. You should come see it.” Read more

Nov 4 2017

Kingsley and Mr. Brooks, in the new NSX and my E30, respectively. They have good car times.

Oct 21 2017

Where do I start. There’s the shattered rear quarter window, the hood strapped down with ratchet straps, the cracked windshield, no left mirror, no hub cabs, and lets not forget the two inoperable aux lights under the bumper.

Oct 1 2017

The viscosity of dairy products varies widely at relatively mild temperatures, so as a lubricant it’d be essentially useless.

Sep 30 2017

Yep. My 96 Caravan is in showroom condition. Other than the fuel pump, PCM and a/c evap has been replaced by me. Plus I put another set of wheel covers, the originals cracked in half.

Sep 16 2017

My Dad just sold his 2006 Sentra to get the car he always wanted;

Sep 16 2017

Agreed. This was from back when the Japanese were excessively overengineering things because the economy was great and they wanted to solidify their reputation. The Camries of this era were like the W123 or 200-series of their time—slow, but of infinitely high-quality. The Hilux sedan, I’ve heard it called. Honestly