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3:50 PM

Oh, you think Apple’s eager to include a thumbs down button? Not with their ego.

5:07 PM

I just started my free year trial and I’m underwhelmed so far.  My biggest complaint is that I can’t figure out what’s there.  It would be nice if they listed “Coming Soon” episodes, series, and movies so I had some idea of what and when to watch.  But still, free is free.  

4:22 PM

i don’t have a license and don’t drive but could still be very good at it. we just don’t know! if i tried driving people might say: “wow, she’s so naturally good at driving”

3:04 PM

That one change to the TV app skybox feature is the one thing I absolutely can’t stand about TVOS/iOS 13, and has put a serious dampener on my love for AppleTV, AppleTV+ and Apple itself. It has completely changed the way I use my AppleTV, annoyed the piss out of me, and doesn’t actually accomplish what I’m guessing Read more

2:50 PM

“If I watch an entire show because I’m a completionist but actually hate it, Apple’s algorithm will only note I watched the whole damn thing.” Read more

1:25 PM

I know.. my god he has that voice down. It makes the small hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Whooo, gonna need a, nvm. He looks like he is very glad to play this part. Read more

10:37 AM

Man, I wish Nvidia would bring Dolby Vision to the 2017 Shield. Hell, I’d even pay for the upgrade, as this new model does not seem to make a compelling reason to upgrade. That’s more of a testament to the capabilities of the 2017 model than any lacking features in the 2019 model.

5:12 PM

I missed the boat on the goodbye submissions. But I wanted to add that Mario hasn’t cut his hair since I joined in 2017, I think he has been cosplaying as Samson for the last 2+ years.

6:33 AM

I became a Chromebook convert a year or two ago when I got my hands on a Samsung Chromebook Pro. They absolutely have their limitations, but for me (someone whose workday is like 75-80% dealing in pretty simple documents and spreadsheets), it’s a perfect tradeoff of functionality for battery life and portability. I Read more

1:43 AM

Also, it’s been an extremely gay show, and possibly the gayest on CW on Sunday nights (even taking into account that Batwoman’s titular character is an out and proud lesbian) Read more

8:14 PM

I have to say watching this season of Supergirl has made me a lot more empathetic with what you all must have to go through in the blogging industry.

12:14 PM

Listen, storage is damn fucking exciting! I hope it’s as exciting as the last big storage device: