Alex Cranz
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Jul 2

Well,  the first  step is always  about  admitting  you  have a  problem.

Jun 26

As a developer, this isn’t great. I don’t do console development, but having to support weaker consoles is a pain.

Jun 26

This is going to seriously fucked up multi platform games! Because now those games will still need to support a less powerful version. Especially since those spec make it on par with current-gen and not next-gen console. I don’t see the point of a super powerful console if your games still need to be scale down to Read more

Jun 26

Being that the current Xbox One X does 6 teraflops vs the supposed Series S’s 4, it would make more sense to get that instead.  Especially since it can be regularly found for 300 or less, usually with bundles. 

Jun 26

Honestly, I can absolutely see why Microsoft wanted to keep a lid on this “secret” and has gone out of its way to deny the existence of it. This basically kills the Xbox Series X before it has even launched for the majority that aren’t hardcore Xboxers. Read more

Jun 26

A lot of people still don’t have a 4K TV nor do they plan to get one anytime soon.  It makes complete sense if its quite a bit cheaper. 

Jun 26

It seems like a good idea, generally. Like you said, not everybody needs all that raw computing power, and a less-powerful console at a lower price point is a great way to entice people onto your platform. Read more

May 18

This is the most accurate comment I have read in ages. I might take issue with saying Cranz has the room-planning capacity skills of a toddler — it’s at least that of a middle schooler — but everything least is so on-point it hurts. Read more

May 2

1) The actors have said ya they’re gay.
2) The creators have said ya they’re gay.
3) The creators have said if it wasn’t the 1990s ya they’d be openly gay.|
4) The creators have said if the show is rebooted they’d totally be gay.

Seriously, there was obviously marketing intent. Duh, that is a profoundly obvious Read more

Apr 10

Thank you for taking part in our Stonk Manipulation Scheme racket and for letting me visit your island with both of my Switch’s. You are the best.

May 18 2019

As far as sealing gaps, I use foam as you suggested to seal the space between the upper and lower sash on a window AC, but for the smaller gaps around the AC frame in the window, I use rope caulking. Peels right off when I take the units out for the winter. Read more