Alex Clark
Alex Clark is a video journalist and filmmaker covering social inequality, the internet and American politics. He's a Senior Producer at GMG and instructs video at Columbia Journalism School.
3:11 PM

Reading this gave me heart palpitations and flashbacks of Plane of Fear corpse runs.

1:40 PM

Not at all an NY thing! Drivers here tend to focus on getting where they need to be more than other drivers. If anything, I drive a bit too cautiously and most are just curious about it.

The R33 was another story. I loved the car but didn’t enjoy driving it around my small town, mostly because of the mixed reactions of Read more

1:30 PM

You may be misinterpreting LED bulbs as HID/Xenon lighting, which would indeed be a hazard and jerk-move to fellow drivers.

There are 3 projectors on the S13: low beams, highs, and fogs. The fogs remain the standard bulbs, I don’t need/use the brights in the city or around others, and the LEDs that replaced the Read more

1:12 PM

SR20 alternators were sold out at most of the major East Coast retailers.

I got a poor-quality used one followed by a ‘replacement’ SR alternator that had the KA24 pulley. Was traveling and had it installed by a shop that didn’t know better. The belts shredded shortly after I picked it up. I actually have a closet full Read more

3:29 PM

This series covers facets of Islam through Muslims sharing their individual interpretations and communal relationship with their faith. This platform is valuable because there is a wealth of misinformation about a group that comprises 1.5B+ adherents and has substantial influence in both govt. representation and forei Read more

11:47 AM

It’s Detroit, so Democrats have a lock on the seat. Her real political battle took place earlier this year when Tlaib beat out five others to secure the Democratic nomination.

7:43 PM

Tlaib is running unopposed so is all but certain to be the first. Ilhan Omar is running to take Keith Ellison’s seat in Minnesota’s 5th District and will likely join her.

4:14 PM

We’re currently dispatching a team to Idaho to cover the rapidly gentrifying sheep population.