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I don’t have a PS5 yet, so I can’t speak from experience. But I am a little shocked that they didn’t learn from the embarrassing battery life of the PS4 controller.  My Xbox controllers easily get over 10 hours and my Nintendo pro controller is usually over 20.  But the PS4 is lucky to get 4 hours on a good day. Read more

I bought myself a Super Famicom for Christmas this year...

i have a lot of great memories along these lines... one that stands out for me was one spring near the end of middle school my mom mentioned she had found a gift that she had wrapped up for Christmas but misplaced. she handed me a little box in holiday paper and said i could unwrap it right then. it was the port of Read more

Separate from the Winter Sale, Square Enix also has quite a few games on sale for the next week or so. FF7R, Triangle Strategy, Valkyrie Elysium, Diofield, Nier Replicant, etc are all at or near 50% off, and lots of their back catalog is deeply discounted too. Plenty of other places like Epic and Fanatical are having Read more

I am in total agreement of this article. This mode is one of the best modes I can remember playing in a long time in a shooter. Every round is different and can end in heroic fashion or total sadness. I would like them to do 2 things to improve gameplay: Read more

something something venn diagrams Read more

I literally watch every new episode on Mondays. And rewatch the old episodes all the time. And yeah, I still greatly prefer (most of the time) stuff from season 2-8. Read more

Someone didnt change the clock on the server for the time change hahaha Read more

I just want to say that everytime I have gone into a gamestop the employees were doing their damndest to be polite and personable and considering how shitty the job is I want to thank them for not taking it out on the customers. You deserve better.
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i fucking LOVE Bawls. damn, loved the mist when you opened it Read more

I’m almost certainly contributing to this...cause honestly the times that I go into GameStop these days, if I do leave with something it’s a little collectable or blind-bag (got a couple neat Monster Hunter keychains from them, and my wife got some YuYu Hakusho stuff, since it was her favorite anime growing up). Read more

Gamestop needs to start selling weird gamer sodas. Bawls and Club Mate and shit like that. I freaking love Bawls. Read more

I rented Resident Evil 2 and got 20 minutes in before I noped out. Read more

Yeah, that one gave me the creeps too. Phenomenal box art, like so many 2600 games. Read more

Do games even come with Paper manual booklets anymore? They seemed to stop with the PS4 which is a real shame.  Read more

Here’s the thing, though - she’s tainted his legacy. I was watching this beautiful vignette on Twitter about how happy he was to be in the HP franchise, and how his kids grew up watching the franchise, and they’d show their kids the movies, and he might not be there, but Hagrid always would be. All I could think about Read more

I made one for the Dreamcast too :) Read more

God, I can hear the gamecube one  Read more

These options are awesome, and I wish all games offered them. Read more