Alexandra Hall
Staff Editor, Kotaku.
Jun 26

Twist: The post was written by a millennial and edited by a late X-er / xennial.

Jun 23

I enjoyed R-2's “Making Mode,” that let you win random “skills” after fights which can be equipped to change how your character plays. It’s all very mysterious, with sparse English and clipped, 7-char skill names.

20+ years later GameFAQs’ Making Mode FAQ, the only English documentation I’ve seen, is still incomplete. Read more

Jun 20

On the contrary, I appreciate how Faux Bravo cut right to the bloody point. (flips down polarized filters)

Jun 17

Right?? There’s a real body-horror dimension to Bugsnax that I think most people are sleeping on. It’s disturbing.

And cute. Unspeakably cute.

Jun 13

Maybe we don’t need to save Peach from Bowser so much as save her from herself. The castle is just a symptom.

Jun 11

Consider it shorthand for “games we didn’t get to give a full blog to.”

Jun 6

Glad to say Prey is sticking this time (my second foray into it). I’m now past the initial areas and really impressed so far. The systems seem very well thought out with lots of room for different play styles, and the space station feels very realistic and well realized. It’s definitely one of the best immersive sims. Read more

Jun 5

Very first comment in the very first Very First imo

Edit: No!! Why am I AlwaysWrong

Jun 2

I was just kidding about you posting 7 minutes (or maybe 8, oops) after the story went up.

Jun 2

Holy crap, the math... checks... out! You deciphered that in only 7 minutes?!

Jun 2

Hey there, I’m one of the editors. You are correct; I had this piece mistakenly tagged as Kotaku Core. Thank for pointing out.