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I know exactly what you mean, lol. I miss that stuff. Fry’s Electronics famously carried it but those all closed within the last few years. Read more

I thought the monkeys were the worst part for some reason. Read more

The general advice I’ve heard is to not try and power through it. If you keep playing after you start feeling ill, that supposedly gives your brain exactly the wrong message (that VR = sick). Works against your goal. Read more

Agreed. As a DC appreciator NGL I bit my tongue a bit when editing this. Read more

Haha, I actually didn’t know she was a character-character per se instead of just a cute av I found at some point. When seeking a good image for this article I loaded up the game looking for inspo. Eventually decided to try an unhappy- or displeased-looking character in front of something picturesque, so I started

I anticipated this very comment when we were coming up with this headline. ;P

Depends if you’re playing for strictly survival / min-maxing or have a more “let’s just have fun” approach. I haven’t reached the infamous endgame fights yet but I’m having fun fielding various ashes instead of just MTing everything. Read more

Yeah? You must be absolutely thrilled by this game Read more

Not the case. You can’t connect to PSN with non-current firmware. Current firmware (9.03) does not have a known exploit. Read more

Yeah that annoys the heck outta me. Sexual dimorphism in service of easier fanboy boners, imo. Read more

you’ll want to sit down for this Read more

Indeed, oops. Thanks, added the missing I. Read more

this was the subtext, glad it came through Read more

The FAQ says no, you cannot opt out if you want to play Call of Duty: Warzone on PC later this year.
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That’s cool to hear, thanks for sharing.

I swear to myself that Suiko 1 still holds up great, but I haven’t played it in like 20 years and everyone these days is like “1's kinda meh, 2 is when it gets good.” Conclusion: Must revisit 1.
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