Albert Burneko
Writer at Deadspin.
3:55 PM

Also: Trump doesn’t need ammo. As you said, he’ll invent whatever insults/misinformation he needs, no matter who the candidate is. Whoever is standing at the lectern across from him is going to get a bunch of shit thrown at ’em.

3:48 PM

You think that you’re the only galaxy brain who can see that Biden is doing The Great Sundowning right before our eyes? It’s not like if YOU don’t talk about it, people won’t notice. 

3:46 PM

Maybe, and stick with me here, sometimes candidates lose because of their flaws and not because of people impolitely pointing out their flaws.

3:46 PM

I like how Albert literally quotes an argument just like this from an actual commenter on another article and you refer to this as a “strawman argument.”

3:36 PM

again: this is not helpful advice for a primary when they are all running for the democratic nomination and the *entire purpose* of the primary is to vet and decide on the best one, however you define that.

1:13 PM

“What responsibility do you think that Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country?”

12:07 PM

“Vice President, what are your feelings on reparations?”
“Triple money to schools! I was married to a dead teacher! Black parents need to be shown how to put a record player on at night so their kids hear more words.”
Centrist third way: That’s MY President. 

11:51 AM

Just want to point out that in this modern world that’s driven by rapidly accelerating technology... that whenever Joe Biden responds to a problem with “Well my dad used to say, Joey...” — he’s about to say an idea that is literally over a century old.

11:48 AM

Once again, Burneko is showing he’s just another leftist who is against any mentally unfit politician who had a disgusting political and social record well before his mental instability became evident.

11:04 AM

This was a softball that any competent candidate would have knocked out of the park and yet Biden demonstrated just how incapable he is of even remembering to say the right things when it matters. Whether it’s on healthcare or climate change, Biden at best sounds like he is exhausted and at worst like diet Trump.

11:01 AM

While I respect Biden’s career-long strategy of affably standing near more accomplished people (it’s my only skill as well and works great!), you have to recognize that it does not prepare you to lead. The softening of his brain seems to have made him forget the point of it all.

2:44 PM

Ideally we can get rid of the major league games too. Just analyze the swings of each team’s hitters, the spin rate of each team’s pitchers, and declare a champion.

2:40 PM

The closest minor league park (single A Lakewood) to me offers $5 general admission tickets. Children five and under do not require tickets. On Sundays and Mondays, kids eat for free. Parking is $5. So when I take my kids, 5 and 7, to a game, I pay $10 for 2 tickets and $5 for parking. Once we get inside the

2:30 PM

Old guys have been saying analytics will kill baseball, and I think even they would agree they were talking metaphorically. This dude is literally advocating for less baseball games because analytics don’t even need games to get the numbers. So I guess all the old guys yelling at clouds were kinda right?  This asshole

4:56 PM

And to think, he’s likely the LEAST offensive rightblogger over there at the NYT. I think Angry Bedbugs Bret and Both-Sides-But Especially-Anti-Fascist-Leftists-are-Anti-Semites Bari are both WAY worse. Dave just seems to me, I dunno, like a rapidly-progressing senile pro-Nixon campaign button dipped in mayo or

4:32 PM

Sounds like David is starting to get a little tired of his young wife’s attitude at the ol’ homestead.