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11:39 AM

The grays are not a reserved space. Gray is the default state for all commenters, except for a relatively small number who have earned the trust implied by having their comments appear in black and not hidden behind a button. It’s a difficult status to acquire and an extremely easy status to lose, and it should be.

3:45 PM

Fucking hell, man, the man’s brain being mush is an important fucking issue. It’s not “free ammo” for Trump. It’s incredibly germane to the question of whether he should be the nominee and/or the president. It’s a much bigger difference between him and the candidates with working brains than their healthcare proposals

3:40 PM

There’s a nice harmony between the content of this comment and the speed with which you posted it, in that they both demonstrate incontrovertibly that you couldn’t be bothered to actually read the article.

4:17 PM

To be clear, the “spectacular face plant” doesn’t just refer to today’s result. It encompasses the unfocused training camp and USA Basketball’s total failure to put together a team that could win this tournament. Today’s result was the culmination of a huge, spectacular face-plant by the world’s top basketball power.

3:03 PM

Buddy, of course I am not suggesting that. I’m just laughing at him posing as though that’s something he would consider doing, in the aftermath of this humiliating result. The honest thing would be to say “We desperately need those guys, as everyone who watch the 2019 FIBA World Cup can see.”

1:44 PM

Sure, but even by that standard, the Skins have fallen from either the most or second-most valuable franchise in the NFL to, by the Post article’s reckoning, fifth place. Unless there’s some particular reason that fall (relative to the rest of the league) was inevitable, that would seem not to recommend Snyder’s

11:40 AM

Mine’s from youth league tackle football. I was probably 12 or 13 and on a team with my twin brother, who was much better than me at football (and basketball, and baseball).

4:57 PM

We’re going to continue making Deadspin the way we’ve made Deadspin for as long as we’re the staff of Deadspin.

3:58 PM

We’ve swapped sites with the staff of Jezebel a couple times and it always rules.

3:56 PM

I click the “Follow for Deadspin” button on commenters when I notice they’ve made a few good comments, or if they make one especially sharp, smart, well-written one that makes me go “Damn, that’s good.” It doesn’t happen very often. Certainly not nearly as often as I unfollow them.

1:10 PM

Yes, and also, with how short NFL careers are and with how frequently players at all but a tiny number of positions change teams, it seems highly unlikely that a core built through tanking could stick together for as many years as the team would have to tank in order to assemble it. Which, if that seems like a recipe

12:23 PM

Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there buddy! Nobody’s suggesting actual on-field results should matter at all in sports. That would be insane!

12:11 PM

They’re ALL IN on “The Process,” which sucks to me because I think they have lots of writers and reporters who are or ought to be smarter than that.