Alanis King
Alanis King is a staff writer at Jalopnik.
12:27 PM

I was literally just thinking, “wow, I see Alanis, Kristen and Stef in just about everything automotive these days, that’s cool.” And saw this article. I thought that because it’s nice to see women get a bite at the auto-journalism pie (not an fair share of the pie unfortunately, at least, not yet anyway). Read more

11:08 AM

Thank you for this. While I always enjoy the depth of David’s articles, the inclusion of you guys’ experiences serves as an eye opener and talking point for someone like me, a single dad with a daughter who will probably have to deal with this sort of thing one day. I appreciate you all sharing this with us. 

3:57 PM

Hey Eddie! I was reading Alanis’s piece because holy crap the vitriol she and her fellow women car journalists get compared to the stuff I get as a woman covering tech and nerd stuff is incredible (and I love her coverage of the subject). Read more

3:41 PM

One of the many reasons I frequent Jalopnik is the multitude of writers that post regularly, many of whom are female. I think it’s one of the site’s best features, frankly. It sucks that you have to deal with this kind of behavior, but I applaud all of you for continuing to do your work despite it.

12:14 PM

Now you’ve got me hooked! Would love to watch the top 4 compete at all the different type tracks, highest finisher wins! Would watch the blazes out of that!!

4:58 PM

Your last bit is truly the only way to get these groups to change. By continuing to be fans of the racing and continuing to call out the unnecessary bullshit those in charge are dragging into it, it’s the only way it’ll change. Read more

4:43 PM

66m? What the hell are you talking about?

According to ComScore, Barstool’s monthly average over the past 12 months is 4.1 million. Deadspin’s, by comparison, is 11.1 million. (I don’t have access to Jalopnik’s, sorry.)

4:09 PM

Great article, no matter what bullshit you end up getting sent your way on Twitter.

3:55 PM

I hear ya.  People ask if my house is old, and I say “nah, build in the early ‘90s!”.  Then I realize it’s 26 years old and I should probably start saving for a new roof.

3:51 PM

Hello, yes. Person who works inside of the sport’s many layers of gears here. Just want to point out for my own sake that the opinions of those on top in no way represent everyone below them. Do they represent some of the workforce? Yes. Probably not an insignificant portion. But there are plenty that feel otherwise Read more

3:18 PM

Thank you, Alanis. I appreciate your personal comments at the end, in addition to the coverage. Read more

9:52 PM

Thank you for writing this, Alanis! I remember a lot of these older photos from my father and brother’s car magazines as a child. It was a nice trip down memory lane.

11:55 PM

Wow! Hats off to you all for putting up with this! I’ve been reading car magazines since I was in middle school and it wasn’t until I came across Jalopnik that I realized that I have a hard time relating to the major publications because they feel too formal if that makes sense. What’s great about the writing from the Read more