Karma Issues Stop-Sale on the Famously Faulty Karma Revero After Realizing Its Rollover Sensors Aren’t Enabled

There are the “Oh, sorry, we shipped the wrong size” screwups at work. Then, there are the “Oh, lol, the rollover sensors haven’t been enabled on cars we sold for the 2018 model year” screwups at work. This one happens to be the latter, and resulted in a stop-sale of the 2018 Karma Revero this month.

Woman Sees Dealership Employee Running Errands in Her Truck While It's in for Service, Steals It Back

No one wants their car misused while in the shop, since it’s in for service, not joyrides or errands. But a Mississippi woman with a knack for teaching people a lesson didn’t just file a complaint when she saw a dealership employee running errands in her truck—she just stole the truck back and left them without a ride.

What You Find When You Look Into Rich Energy, the Mystery Sponsor of America’s F1 Team

This year, the only American team in Formula One debuted with a new look and a new title sponsor. Rich Energy, an “elite” energy drink for “the discerning customer,” stands proud as Haas F1’s partner for the 2019 F1 season. But few can find Rich Energy for sale, and people are having an even harder time finding out…