Honda to Close Its Only British Car Plant in 2021, but Says It Isn't Because of Brexit

Honda plans to close its only car plant in the UK, the European Union says it’ll fight back in a trade war with the U.S., Carlos Ghosn gets ready for trial, General Motors puts its money where its SUVs are, and McLaren stands by its anti-SUV mindset. All of this and more in The Morning Shift for Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019.

A Design Quirk on the 2000 Toyota Avalon Means the Car Won't Acknowledge That 2019 Exists

In the 2000 Toyota Avalon, the year is 2002, not because the Chamber of Secrets came out, Avril Lavigne entered the music scene or the camera phone became mainstream, but because the car’s calendar stops at 2018, forcing owners to either find a year with matching weekdays or be annoyed by their dashboard display for…