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Apparently fans are supposed to fill in the gap after last week’s cliffhanger for themselves: Read more

I am not 100% sure about Julia having been hypnotized and manipulated, but it seemed to be what she assumed happened Read more

I think the implication is that Safiyah and Enigma hypnotized Julia & she doesn’t remember things she was doing under their control, like her previous investigation of Kate’s plane crash Read more

Wow, fuck you dude. You need her forgiveness first. Read more

That has to be the most self-centered non apology, apology I have ever read.  Read more

Being pale, raven haired, and skinny is all a guy needs to be coddled lol. Read more

I’m getting a Daphne and Velma pre-Scooby gang vibes. And that’s not a bad thing.
Read more

“Steroids” “Sexy cheerleaders.” LOL Read more

This week in Mary Is The Best: she shows up for the hearing to support Luke without him even needing to ask. Read more

Kara wrote the article:

Rose has really settled in to the role, in my opinion. And the series itself has been consistently good - easily the best of this Arrowverse season so far. Read more

Asking your friend to help you by writing an article was one of thiose little things I’m hoping to happen more on these shows. Those little connections. I really hope Black Lightning does the same - they had a whole plot about getting information out and there is just so many journalists among those heroes and their Read more

A bit heavy handed but the message is quite true. I liked the kid too and would have been fine with her sticking around as part of the group.
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The blurb up top makes it clear what happened. “The AV Club” is a collection of individuals. Some of them thought the film was pretty good, but enough of them really hated it that it made the list. And now the comment section is going to be dominated by 20-something white guys crying about it. Read more

We have been calling him Bland Husband because why bother to learn his name? Read more

It may be the same genre, but it’s a different kind of show with different things to say. It’s OK to prefer Tolstoy to Dickens, but both are classics for a reason. Read more

-Ooh, Kate, you fucked up hard in this one. Wouldn’t go to the gala even to support Mary...and her mother dies at that gala at the hands of the crazy-ass sister you do make an effort for. And when Mary finds out you’re Batwoman and did nothing to save Catherine? That should also be explosive. Read more

Well, that was a real gutpunch of an episode. As far as mid-season climaxes go, it did not disappoint. Read more

I was bummed that Kate refused to accept Mary’s invitation/ guilt trip to come to the gala, both because it hurt Mary’s feelings, and also it deprived us of getting to see Kate in the stylish fashions that Mary brought for her (was that a tux?) Read more

One wonders if the pastor was actually Thanos in disguise, because he probably just cut his congregation by half Read more