2:59 PM

Full manual turntables are not the best choice for domestic situations, unless you enjoy either standing guard at the turntable or running to it when the side ends. The Technics SL-1200 is a great turntable, for example. But it’s a DJ turntable. They did make direct drive automatic & semi-automatic turntables until, I Read more

12:51 PM

When you use Onavo Protect, the data that goes through it—like your Wi-Fi and mobile data usage, your app usage, and even when your screen is on or off—is tracked, logged, and sent back to Onavo, and by extension, Facebook. Read more

9:38 AM

My advice is: Do what you can. Just increasing your exercise by what you can. If you haven’t been exercising, exercise a little. If you have been exercising, try increasing the intensity of that exercise a bit more. Also cut back on how much you eat for your meals, and try to cut out snacking as much as possible or Read more

4:09 PM

You wrote this 7 years ago. Everyone knew back then but are acting surprised now.

9:40 PM

What works for me is keeping the stakes low so I don’t get nervous as I’m naturally an anxious person. Being anxious about the future has molded me into a planner. Read more

8:51 AM

Alan, in this hack-eat-hack world of Gawker, thank you so much for being civil, and kind, and interested in learning. I learn so much from Lifehacker! I know I will miss your calm, steady presence.

5:18 PM

This is a hack that keeps on giving. Just tried it & it worked like a charm.

11:18 AM

While this is an article about one single Resistance information tool, the fact is, the Enlightened side has been leading the charge on scraped data and player reporting services. http://resguard.info/ Read more

6:21 PM

Freedom Pop has provided me with the absolute worst customer experience I have ever experienced. They gave me a run around for over a month, during that time I had trouble getting a response from any CSR, and was flat out lied to on several occasions. They would tell me an item shipped, and would be delivered that I Read more

8:40 PM

I’ve collected 126 cats so far, I started naming them but changed it to just my initials plus the cat number( When they show up it comes with their own number). Then I take a sscreenshot and save them in my gallery. See my sample collection below.

11:45 PM

Alan, we will miss you! Thank you for your nice articles in the past 6 years.

4:06 PM

This is a GREAT piece. I speak and coach on the importance of shifting our thoughts and decisions to make major change, and how doing so in small, concrete steps is often the way to success. It’s so important to me to share with audiences the science behind how to make major changes and make or break habits, and your Read more

1:14 PM

pizza is always tasty. likely not pizza that has been sitting out since 2014 but you get my point.... ;) 🔚

12:48 PM

It’s always better to buy the biggest pie. Pizza holds up left over. Pro-Tip, take it out of the box and stack slices in opposite directions in a Gallon Freezer Bag, presto — you can store the remaining slices of the large pie in one gallon sized zip lock. Read more

1:49 AM

Are you back in 2014? Listen, a very, very bad man is going to be elected in a couple of years. Save your money, work harder than you ever have before, and, for the love of God, try to get to Canada before it is too late!

11:45 AM

CPlus for Craigslist, the best 5 star Craigslist app on iPhone, has just been released to Android. It is also officially licensed. Alan, please take a look and see how it looks. Thanks!

2:14 PM

The replies here are old, but Trader Joe has the Greek Kalamata oil back, and it’s a regular, and still the best.