Jun 29

Absolutely not one person:
JK Rowling: (Says more stupid shit.)

Jun 15

The worst things about Thor are Chris Hemsworth’s weird blonde eyebrows and bad wig.

Jun 4

Getting a real strong Jeff Winger in a mental hospital vibe from Dilbert:

May 14

Despite the tone of this review, I do appreciate the reminder to go and binge this show again. Intellectual Property and Eli’s Coming are two of my favorite episodes of television ever.

May 12

I love how awkward the Toni Kukoc press conference was, with Krause trying to pick up the table mic and Toni towering over him by about three feet.

May 11

“Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son...”

Apr 20

If the young girl from the second episode of Some Good News is any indication, they know him from The Office. (Not the show, the memes from the show.)

Apr 17

I strongly recommend listening to the Rewatchables podcast episode where this movie is discussed. There’s a really fantastic and interesting theory posited about the sexuality of Axel Foley that’s discussed at length.

Feb 11

The visual effects were bad in that movie. I’m sure the artists are all talented, and they were tasked with something impossible, but the movie looked bad and the joke was fine. It’s ok to laugh at yourself. 

Feb 3

I can’t speak for seeing a recording of it--but Hamilton is one of those rare things that does actually live up to the hype.

Jan 31

I wasn’t excited about this movie until reading above that Billy Porter is going to be Audrey II.

I really hope they build a big, stupid puppet to play the plant rather than CGI.

Jan 31

She can sing, though I don’t know if she’s right for this part.

Jan 17

But the first thing people think about with Apu is the over-the-top voice.

*Doesn’t need to check notes*

Dec 23

Bill Cosby would still be a piece of shit even if he hadn’t raped anyone.