Aimee Terravechia
Feb 16 2017

And, of course, this fuckery will spread to affect the entire community. With the fear of La Migra breaking down their door, Latinos and other new immigrants (even “legal” ones) will further open their neighborhoods to crime because they don’t want to report things. They won’t buy homes (another stabilizing influence Read more

Feb 16 2017

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who’s watched this movie. I love it, too.

Feb 16 2017

It sucks that people can coerce women into retracting these allegations and having to say shit like “I just wanted a free trip to Chicago” for the rest of their lives. Read more

Jul 1 2016

OP is simply in for a world of hurt. He’s home schooled, sheltered and comes from an fundamentalist background. His friend is free to roam the world, engage it and grow. He’s hanging onto antiquated ideals that don’t work well in the real world. Sex before marriage is a good idea. Many Christians make a big deal that Read more

Jun 24 2016

Not a chance for me; I’m okay with Clinton, she’s infinitely preferable to Trump, and I realize that neither Stein nor Johnson have a chance of winning (and I don’t know enough about Johnson to know if I find him preferable to Clinton). However, I do the the sense that some of Sanders’ supporters are refusing to vote Read more

Jun 24 2016

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen in November with Bernie supporters (I’m one of them) voting for Jill Stein as a protest candidate.

May 12 2016

And, frankly, it’s so fucking low to diminish people for sex act everyone enjoyed. What if she liked having that dick up her ass ? Don’t be such an Amber Rose, Kendra. Read more

Apr 10 2016

Happy birthday Mandy! Tangled is very underrated. Also, does anyone know what, “I’m missing you like candy,” actually means? Do people miss candy? Read more

Mar 27 2016

Another good question. Long story short: my husband started watching it, and my curiosity was piqued. So I watched the first episode with the resolve that I would not keep watching if it was too gory. It was DEFINITELY too gory. I also really, REALLY wanted to know what happened next. So here we are, five seasons Read more

Mar 17 2016

I’ve been a boss and I’ve been a subordinate. One of the best things you can bring to your boss is a solution. Read more

Mar 3 2016

And as you said, this is not a purely fictional narrative. In the book, you talk about having been a trio with two other girlfriends who got married at the same time; as all of you guys saw it to some degree, they’d moved on together, leaving you behind.
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