Aimee Levitt
Aimee Levitt is associate editor of The Takeout.
10:42 AM

Our supermarkets aren’t much to speak of in here in Minneapolis. I’ve got a couple of stories about running into local celebrities at the uptown Rainbow back in the day but other than that, I don’t have a lot of memorable experiences to share. My favorite grocery store in town isn’t a big supermarket though, it’s a Read more

10:16 AM

I have two: Mariano’s is good for your standard everyday white-person grocery shopping. They have good produce, a great bakery, a solid fancy cheese section, good prices on canned and boxed goods, and plenty of personalized coupons to keep me coming back. Their customer service is also overall good (although I did Read more

10:08 AM

Former Morse Market shopper here. I miss it. Now I live too far away, so I use the Cermak on Diversey/Pulaski. It’s the best *big* grocery store I’ve used regularly in Chicago (Tony’s is overpriced, Jewel has horrible service); my favorite thing about it is that instead of an “ethnic” aisle, they have like 5 or 6 Read more

9:59 AM

I wish there was one grocery store that satisfied all of my needs, luckily I’ve got two stores a stone’s throw from each other that pretty much do the trick (I’m in Chicago): Harvest Time and Gene’s Sausage Shop. Read more

3:19 AM

My mother is from Taiwan, and I grew up in Vancouver (disclaimer: still there), I hate being in Beijing too - I never want to go again despite the fact my wife is from the vicinity.

11:09 PM

“I will also make the Cheese Cookies for my dog, because while I am happy to eat popcorn for dinner, nothing is too good for her.”—HAHAHAHAHA! Read more

4:22 PM

“I’ve got a two-year-old with me and he doesn’t always keep his fries on the tray or his bottom on the seat. He sometimes stands up.”
Read more

4:16 PM

There’s a burger place in Dallas called Maple and Motor thats owned by a retired high school teacher who’s sick of parents who think their kid can do no wrong. Sign out front says “nobody came here to hear your screaming kids” and they’re well known for throwing out families who don’t control children. Read more

3:08 PM

I have no issue with this either, and a) I live in Minnesota, and b) I had three in diapers not that long ago. My right to be a parent does not supersede someone else’s right to eat a meal without my kid running circles around their table. It’s no different than all of these idiots who think everyone loves their Read more

1:24 PM

I once sat in the lobby to a Red Lobster for 30 minutes while a 3-or-4-year-old ran around making noise and climbing on things and swinging a menu around like a sword. The moment he glanced my shoulder with it, I finally had a “fuck this shit” moment, lowered myself to his eye level, and told him he was not entitled Read more

1:22 PM

It sounds like her kids were actually well-behaved, she was just being a neurotic, passive-aggressive asshole. Basically she wants a free pass just in case her kids decide to be little shits. Because what do you expect her to do in that situation? Act like a parent?

11:05 AM

A girl I used to work with in the Alinea Group is the Bar Director for this place- and she’s incredible. Weath of knowledge, hardworking, and genuinely sweet, she’s going to do some incredible things with those cocktails! 

10:37 AM

“This book is written for those who share the same perverse tendency to engage in cooking as a loner spends time with his Xbox or a teenager with porn—ultimately as a delicious evasion of unpalatable realities.”

5:36 PM

Heh. I’ve stalled midway through Vol. 3, mostly because world in fire, ADHD, etc. Of course, there is also the colonialism, misogyny, and classism, seemingly in pitched battle for bronze, silver, and gold medals in some twisted, anachronistic iteration ofOppression Olympics” (but, like, in which oppression’ is a Read more