Aimee Levitt
Aimee Levitt is associate editor of The Takeout.
Nov 13

I was with the Reader! And yes, I remember Julia’s eggnog experiments. They were fascinating and also terrifying. I hope you enjoy the pear gingerbread and mashed potatoes.

Nov 12

Only when he’s squeezed between two couch cushions, but that doesn’t happen very often and he doesn’t stay put.

Oct 27

No, because eggs aren’t dairy. (Though I’m sure there’s some record of a rabbinical argument about it somewhere.)

Oct 17

I am pleased to report that Ed had cabbage rolls for lunch today. They weren’t completely authentic since they came from a restaurant in San Francisco instead of being handmade by an old woman in his community, but he was very happy all the same.

Oct 8

Ha! It really is. I inherited this one after a friend made her sister purge her apartment post-divorce. This one isn’t engraved which, considering how the marriage turned out, is maybe a good omen?

Sep 17

Lies! Allison has the week off. But I’m sure she’s eating them on her own time.

Aug 20

Tasting one is one of my goals for 2021. (One of the others is getting a haircut. I need to keep planning.)