Aimee Levitt
Aimee Levitt is associate editor of The Takeout.
Jul 9

I’ll bet you could. It just needs to get hot enough to melt the marshmallows and the chocolate, and a firepit can definitely do that.

Jul 8

I look forward to your report. Also, at least based on what was shown in the episode, that looks like an awesome neighborhood.

Jul 7

Strawberry Kit Kats are a thing in Japan, and apparently Hershey’s released its own version here a few years ago. But since I’ve never tried either (this makes me sad), I was referring to Kit Kat crème in general.

Jul 5

According to Allison, Matt is approximately four times bigger than the average human, so that spumoni cone is exactly the right size.

Jun 17

I think they were referring to the particular breed they use to get those eggs. They’re all white, and the only difference is in the tail feathers.

Jun 15

I have been just once since March. I brought a book to read in line. Time went by pretty quickly.

Jun 15

I do, too. At least based on that Bourdain clip, it looks pretty easy to make at home.

Jun 5

Oh, I’ve got to try the sugar-in-the-espresso-maker trick. I really, really miss cafe con leche.